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Will hair grow back on a scar?

1312765397 21 Will hair grow back on a scar?

I've had a few abseses (ie. big spots, boils) on the back of my head which have healed to leave some scarring. Is there any chance that hair will grow back? what can i use to promote hair growth on these parts? many Thanks

I can tell you that large scars don't grow hair, but smaller areas might do, or at least be covered by hair growing from normal skin next to it.

Maybe if you give it more time you would get your hair back! go to the hairdressers for now to hide the scars

I have a spot and it has been there for years, and guess what? if has absolutely no hair that grows out of it! my friend claims though that it can sometimes. Good lUck!

it depends, my boyfriend has one on the back of his head and nothing grows out of it. it depends on how deep the wound was i think.

hair dont grow on scare tissue

honestly I've cut alot of hair and people warn me about scar spots where no hair grows. other hair can cover it. but it really depends on the scar and wether the hair follicle was damaged usually it is when it comes to deep gashes.. you may have hope of regrowth though since it sounds as if the problem was not very deep

No it probably won't grow, but you're quite lucky its on the back of your head so surrounding hair should overlap it and it won't be noticable, like when men have hair grfts, the donor hair is taken from the back of the head, which leaves a scar but nobody can see aslong as the hair is kept at a suitable length.

Hair will not grow back on scar tissue since the follicles have been covered over by the healed skin tissue. that only happens when the injury scrapes the skin really deep.

I've got scars on ALMOST every part of my body…. No hair has EVER grown in a scar… I have a few SMALL scars on my head NONE have hair IN them—AROUND them YES… which covers the empty spaces quite nicely… I have 2 rather LARGE scars on either side of my neck (from surgeries) and there is quite a lot of hair that pops out on either side of each scar but the scar itself has remained hairless for the last 50 YEARS..

Will hair grow back on a scar?

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