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Wife Pregnant – Safe Lawn Treatment Alternatives?

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My wife is 4 months prego. I just canceled my lawn treatment service for the '07 season.

The lawn was devastated by grubbs and weeds in 05 because the previous owner had abandoned the house. We had great success in bringing back our lawn during the 06 season.

I feel very good about how far back the lawn has come in just one season and would like any advice on what can be done SAFELY this season while my wife is pregnant.

I'm sure I'll need to treat for crabgrass and grubbs again. We dropped lime last year to hold the PH as we have two dogs in the back yard (one female).

So my question boils down to, what is and is not safe to use for pesticides and weed treatment if my wife is pregnant?

The best defense against weeds is a dense lawn cut at the proper height. Proper watering and a sound fertilization program will go a long way to preventing weeds, especially crab grass. Crab grass is way over hyped by the big lawn care companies. Crab grass can not germinate in a dense lawn cut at the proper height. Crab grass likes a low density lawn, compacted, poorly drained soil and hot conditions. Aerate your lawn, water properly, use a sound fertilization program & you do not need to use the pre-emergence herbicides.

Grubs can be controled with nematodes. these are small bodied, living creatures that can penetrate the grub's body and feed there. They will lay their eggs in the grub's body for their young to enjoy. Nematodes are as effective as the insecticides on the market. Just follow directions, nemetodes need to be well watered in (just as an insecticide) and applied when grubs move up into your lawn's root zone and soil is warm.

There is concern some products may be harmful to humans, beneficial insects, wildlife, and pets. This is not necessarily true however. With proper use and common sense precautions, lawncare products are quite safe. That being said, organic lawncare does have some benefits over traditional lawn care.

The fastest way is to stop using chemical fertilizers. Stop spraying for insects. Mow your lawn at the highest level possible for the type of grass you have, leave your lawn clippings on the ground, aerate your soil periodically, and apply organic fertilizers that are protein based. you can also add a thin layer of compost (top dressing) every 4 — 5 years. Compost is not a fertilizer, but a soil amendment that improves microbe activity. That is pretty much the gist of organic lawncare.

As long as she's not rolling around in the grass after you treat it,then there's really nothing to worry about. when it's getting done,make sure wifey isn't around.
Or go organic.

Keep her out of the yard. problem solved.

on a serious note I dont think it will be a proble to keep doing what you did last year…. that is unless she is eating the grass

Wife Pregnant – Safe Lawn Treatment Alternatives?

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