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Why do i keep getting boils on my skin?

1304384929 25 Why do i keep getting boils on my skin?

I've taken every kind of antibiotic it seems. I've been to the Doctor 8 times in the past 2 years from these boils. First they start itching, then over a few days the swell up reall big. They are very painful. Around the 8th day they start to drain then heal. I've been to different Doctors each time i tell them about the previous time i went to the Doctor and what that doctor said and they say well "this medicine should work" No its a bacterial infection, its infetigo, staph, psorisis……..and never a cure and now i just learned to deal with the pain without going to the Doctor because so far nothing has worked. can someone please help???

Did you check the water source in your home if it's not contaminated ? Do you have family members with the same problem ?

Boils are usually caused by a bacterial infection called staph.Staph lives on the skin and when it gets under the skin there's a problem.if you have recurring boils it could be due to poor hygiene,immunization,or bacteria.Diabetes mellitus could be the result of recurring or chronic boils.

You may have H.S…..hidradenitis suppurativa. It's a rare skin condition that usually goes undiagnosed.

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Go to the link below. Read the information and then print it out and take it to your doctor. He needs to be educated on this "rare" condition.

My doctor said it they are to fight infection!

Why do i keep getting boils on my skin?

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