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Who boils a kettle?

1305638251 28 Who boils a kettle?

I can only manage to get the water to boil, how do you boil a kettle?

mmmmmmmmm thats like when someone says ' put the kettle on '

polly put the kettle on

Put the kettle into a bigger kettle and then boil it.

Put it in a pan of water boil the water 2 mins for runny middle

I have the same problem.
Folks say "I'll put the kettle on"
On what ? Medication ?
I suppose that you could melt the item down in a furnace, but boiling it would be futile.

Maybe there is some as yet undiscovered disease in the kettle community which results in boils ?

"the kettles' boiled". oh goody, what about the water ?

Hey Ho !


soory1 but whats the question??

the secret is in the silent brackets : boil a kettle (of water) !!

Tedious and pedantic.

You're just an old fashioned pedant

Come the revolution brother

Us pedants are a revolting bunch

Eggs queues the strange accent I god a cod and id given me a blogged up node.

Plug it into the nearest 11,000Volt power pylon, they're readily available throughout the country. Wear shades and ear protection. Possibly think about a funeral policy. but more to the point, just think that you'll have a boiled kettle!

Well, I seem to do it all the time at work!!

Whats the point?!!

HeHe the word nit-picking comes to mind (or is that 2 words??? oh never mind)

Its a matter of speech, i say but the kettle on … just how we says thtigs which is tedious

actually you get the kettle to boil the water, unles you have magic powers and can boil it by looking at it or similar?

It a very scientific process, I'll talk you through it sometime….

Well, I suppose the same person who says they 'made the tea' !!!!

brute force and ignorance, obviously!

Who boils a kettle?

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