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Where Does Upper Addominal Pains Come From?

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When most people complain of pain in the stomach region, they may actually be describing the pain that did does not originate in the organ known as the stomach itself. Terms like stomachache, stomach pains and stomach discomfort sometimes describe any discomfort that is felt in the area between the bottom of the ribcage and lower abdomen.

For our purposes, we’ll, look only at problems that cause pain in the upper abdominal area – more or less surrounding the navel. we won’t cover disorders like appendicitis or pains in the groin region that are generally felt in the lower abdomen.

With that in mind, here are the most frequent causes of sharp pain in the stomach.

“Letting yourself go” – In other words, you ate too much or too rapidly.

Eating something you wish you hadn’t – certain foods cause allergic reactions, or may be just too hard on your digestive system to handle.

Stomach virus – There are acute stomach illnesses that can result in intense upper abdominal distress. This includes a stomach virus (frequently called the stomach flu), which also tends to produce nausea, vomiting and bowel difficulties.

Gastritis – This problem is characterized by inflammation or erosion in an area of the stomach lining. Ulcers in the stomach are a variety of gastritis, which can actually cause intense, extremely sharp abdominal pain.

Reflux – most people are familiar with a condition that’s often described as heartburn. This condition, known to doctors as acid reflux, occurs when stomach acid erupts past the valve separating the stomach from the esophagus. Tissues in the esophagus are significantly more sensitive than those in the stomach, so part of the esophagus becomes damaged by acid. This causes tingling or burning pain in the upper abdomen.

Cancer – As you probably know many kinds of cancer do not cause pain until they reach a dangerous phase. but at a certain point, sharp pain begins to appear. This is also true with stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is now relatively rare in the U.S., but anyone who has it is likely to suffer sharp pains in the stomach.

Gallbladder trouble – when sharp stomach pains suddenly happen shortly after you have a rich, high cholesterol meal, you could be having a gallbladder attack. Gallbladder problems often take place when too much cholesterol flows into the gallbladder all at once, and the gallbladder has difficulty processing it as it usually does. not only cause pains in the upper abdomen, but can also cause pain in the side and back in the area of the shoulders.

Gallstones, which are another type of gallbladder trouble, can cause severe pains in the upper abdomen as well.

Liver problems – There are many different kinds of liver problems that cause pains in the upper abdomen. Liver problems may include cirrhosis and hepatitis, which are forms of liver inflammation. Pain in the stomach is a common sign of another liver condition known as ascites. Ascites is a build-up of fluids in the abdomen.

Pancreatitis – Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. The function of the pancreas is to help control the way your body processes sugar.

Spleen – a disorder known as splenomegaly is a medical term for an enlarged spleen. when you have splenomegaly, it is typically a warning sign some other underlying condition. Infection, anemia, or cancer are possibilities. a ruptured spleen, which often occurs as a result of a traumatic injury of some kind, will cause pains in the upper abdomen.

The list above are just some of the possible causes of sharp pains in the upper abdomen. In many instances, such pain is temporary and will pass without treatment. however, extremely intense pains in the upper abdomen, or moderate pains in the upper abdomen persisting for more than several hours is worth a call to your doctor.

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Where Does Upper Addominal Pains Come From?

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