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Whats wrong with my 1993 honda civic si?

1307250187 83 Whats wrong with my 1993 honda civic si?

ok it runs fine no white smoke or nothin but it overheats if i drive it longer than 30 min. and when i stop it sizzles and is boiling back into the overflow?? the fan comes on i replaced the thermostat checked all the hoses for blocks but nothing? i opened the bleeder valve and nothing comes out?could itbe thewater pump?

Does the fan make rough noise? then its your water pump or try to flush the radiator and try some stop leak from your local parts dealer and see if that works or even a 3 TBL spoons or pepper in the tank(old wives tale)

mabye but have a friend look t it just look thouraly and check everything then come bk

while the bleeder is open (engine off) open the radiator and check the coolant level and add more until no air comes out of that bleeder hole. the water pump should still be moving fluid, even if it is failing.

Whats wrong with my 1993 honda civic si?

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