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What should I do with my hair?

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I'm a 14 year old girl and I have thick, slightly reddish brown (was dyed dark brown, but darn sun's ruined the colour) naturally wavy hair that comes down about two inches below my shoulders. I'm really bored with it, so I wanted it cut and dyed, but I don't know quite how.

1- I was thinking about dyeing it light brown, because at the moment it's reddy and it looks odd with my skin, which is usually pale but tans very easily to golden brown. would this suit me, or should I just stick to a medium brown with highlights?

2- My friend told me I'd suit it at shoulder length, so it sat just above my shoulders, but I'm not sure. any advice?

3- If I dye my hair now with permenant dye, will I get roots/bad chlorine reactions when I go on holiday in mid-august? I'm going to Turkey so it'll be pretty boiling 😀

This is the best photo I could find for my hair right now……


I think you should cut your hair a little. not a lot. maybe get it to be a little above the shoulders. I'd dye it a light or medium brown, like you said. Um, you can keep the waves if you want, depends if you like it, or you can straighten it everyday or when you want too simple smile What should I do with my hair?

What should I do with my hair?

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