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What should i do about these boils?

1303047913 88 What should i do about these boils?

I have a question concerning skin conditons, my girlfriend has the boils under her breasts and underarms and some near her legs in the groin area, we have went to the docter sveral times and They say it is Hydrogenitus or somehting like that (prolly misspelled), We have tried everything the Docters have suggested, antibiotics , cleanings with antibiotic soaps and all. but nothing seems to work. she takes at least three showers a day depending how much she sweats. Does anyone have information on this problem or suggestions to help with the pain. They are mostly all open sores and are very painful.

Where is the WSIDR when U need him ??? lol.

oatmeal baths help soothe irriating skin

What should i do about these boils?

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