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What Scars do you have on your body? ?

 What Scars do you have on your body? ?

my friend emily wears short skirts alot, and I noticed this really long scar on one of her legs from like her knee to upper thigh. apparently she almost sdeways fell into a pot of boiling water when she was little. What are the stories behind your scars?

I have a scar on my knee. I was in second grade and it was February and all icy out. I was running outside and I fell on a grating. I didn't hurt so I went inside the school for a basketball game. when i got inside my mom told me to roll up my pants so she can see if i got injured. It looked like someone took a red pen across my knee. she went to go clean it out, and when she did the skin folded down and you could see bone. I had to get 18 stitches on my knee. fun stuff. =P

I also have a scar on my nose from when i had a nose job three years ago. It's barely noticeable. my friends say they can't see it, but i notice it.

oh and i also had surgery for my double hernia that left me with two scars.

i have one on the palm of my left hand from grabbing a glass after it fell out of the cupboard to keep it from breaking on the counter top…after it broke on the counter top.

and a small one on my right index finger from slicing a hunk almost off. i think w/a bread knife but i don't remember.

oh yea and the inner of each breast from spilling hot soup… THAT was the worst!!

One time I was riding my bike, luckily with a helmet, about a mile away from my house and this kid I knew yelled hi to me and I waved and fell off the bike and hit my elbow on the concrete. I had to walk the rest of the way home with my elbow like that, and now this scar and it's really shiny and gigantic and people are grossed out by it.

a long scar on my ring finger because it was smashed in my front door and i was stupid and ripped it outta there.
on my other hand, my index and middle finger have little scars because i stuck them in the hinges of a bedroom door.
i have a small chicken pox scar by my nose.
lmao, man i seem to have a lot.

I was nearly raped when i was 12..that jerk was a friend of my uncle. I had a scar right on the left side of my tummy, from his sharp was so painful to think about it but i know that not all males are friends are all guys & they care so much for me..

I have a rabbit bite on my thumb, a cat scratch on my hand, a couple scars on my wrists, a couple shaving ones and one on my knee =O

ummm. kayaking on the isle of wight, i was trying to get out and i fell out of my kayak, onto a concrete ramp thing, and i kinda slid down it, and scrped my knee really badly. so know i have lines on my knee =S

i have one on my left ring finger when i sliced the lowest knuckle with safety scissors.

safety scissors!

I have a 2inch long scar on my right arm from when i was 7 or 8 and tried climbing on my closet organizer and fell…
And one on my finger from burning it on the toaster.
And one on my ankle from shaving.

I have a big scar on my left hip shaped like an umbrella from a really bad car accident.
I actually really like it though. simple smile What Scars do you have on your body? ?

I have one on my knee from falling on an air vent. then one on my stomach from spilling boiling water on myself. Uhh.. oh and one on my forearm from leaning on a clothing iron.

Well there is one on my knee from when i fell on a metal rake. It was turn up so the prongs stabbed me.

scars on my left foot from surgery, scars on my left shoulder from a car accident 12 years ago

Most of them are from desert riding… a few others are from two dogs I was attacked by when I was little.

i remember i was 6 years old and i my friend throw a razor blade at my knee and had to get stiches (12)

i used to play soccer without socks and got REALLY BAD blisters on my feet and 5 years later i still have the scars.

I have a big scar above my right knee from when I was younger and fell. Scraped the whole thing open.. it was gross. I have some little ones too =P

>~>~>Chicken pock scar on meh neck xP
>~>~>Many, MANY scars on meh right knee
>~>~>even more tht I can't remember

i have alot from falling im pretty clumsy

I have a scar on the back of my right and left elbows. They are both from falling multiple times during camp, because I'm that clumsy. I would always land on my elbow, somehow.
I have scars on my knees, for the same reason just stated.

I have a scar on my head, because I was hit in the head with a snowboard. I think I had a concussion from it too.

I have various scars on my fingers, because I've broken them from football multiple times.

And I have a scar on my foot, from running into a wall, and breaking my toe.
Oh, and one more on my other toe, from when a dog bit it, and tried to rip it off.

i dont have any visible scars.
they are all in my insides…

Not one single scar.

i have a big one on my calf from a motorcycle muffler frownie What Scars do you have on your body? ? frownie What Scars do you have on your body? ? frownie What Scars do you have on your body? ?

One faded one on the back of my left hand. I'm not sure what it's from anymore!

What Scars do you have on your body? ?

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