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What is the condition that causes boils in the groin area and bottom?

 What is the condition that causes boils in the groin area and bottom?

Hy husband has constant boils/risings all over his inner thigh and bottom (and sometimes on his chest). We have gone to the Dr. because sometimes they are too painful to even sit down. they prescribed an antibiotic for him to take 2 a day for 14 days. It did not clear up. About a month later we went back to the Dr. about the same condition. this time they gave him a shot for it (can't remember what the exact name was) and said it should clear up. once again, it has not. what is causing these boils all over his body and why won't they go away? Please Help us. is there anything over the counter that can help him until his Dr. appointment next week? thanks in advance.

boil ease it awesome, it stinks and is like a tarry type ointment but put it on cover with band aid in the morning boil is gone. Also works on slivers.

it's possible these are in-grown hairs too. Or pores that have gotten clogged then infected.

it is probably the same reason why you get boils anywhere on your body. my sister had one on her thigh and i think we just popped it to get all of the puss out but i'm not sure if you are supposed to. look up how boils happen.

my brother in law had to have one cut out. it was so FN huge wow the doc told me it was like a poison in your system. I would Google the heck out of it



Try Boil Ease. its about 8 dollars. Prob. from heat down there.

We in the Navy call it bad dick.

Boils are from Staph. We all have naturally occurring staph in our bodies. The hot, moist conditions and rubbing underwear or pants probably create a good environment for them. The shot was likely rocephin, which is an antibiotic. he probably just needs a stronger antibiotic. MRSA requires a different antibiotic so it's possible he has a different strain and needs vancomycin or other related antibiotic.

Alternately, it could be from an ingrown hair being irritated or a plugged sweat gland. there are specific treatments.
I suggest seeing a different doctor for a second opinion. Namely, a dermatologist.

What is the condition that causes boils in the groin area and bottom?

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