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What is the christian response to claims that a massive Volcanic eruption could explain the Exodus punishments?

1303411518 30 What is the christian response to claims that a massive Volcanic eruption could explain the Exodus punishments?

An exploding volcano would turn day to night, killed crops, killed livestock and fish, caused boils. with all the fish dead and no predators the tadpoles that normally get eaten become frogs and all the rotting flesh attract lice, flies and locusts Study the aftereffects of exploding volcanoes like Mt St Helens etc

God always uses natural things to bring about what he wants on earth, this would prove it further. just like the flood, brought about using what was available.

well considering moses never existed, was a character borrowed from the sumerian king sargon myth which was much much older–considering there is not a shred of evidence that the hebrews were ever in captivity in egypt–considering there is no evidence whatsoever from the highly literate egyptian culture of the ten plagues–no evidence at all of the wanders of thousands of people in a very small desert for 40 years, and no evidence of occupation of the promised land until after the babylonian bondage–I'd say the volcano is neither here nor there.

nevertheless these things happen just as moses had said they would huh? so what difference did it make if it an eruption or not…the same result happen.

There have been all sorts of attempts to give the plagues a natural explanation. Personally it doesn't bother me one way or the other.

Most will say it's a conspiracy against religion. Or just dig their heads a little deeper in the sand. I doubt if many even watched it. it was a great video. What I found most telling was how it explains the burning bush.

Whenever a volcano erupts it means that God is pissed!

Maybe….God usually use's the natural things of this world to do his bidding " not hocus pockus"….today is the day of salvation…accept jesus and live he is our hope.

God loves you……God bless

Tell whoever it's an interesting theory, but I'm sure something as significant as a massive volcanic eruption would get mentioned somewhere. I'm more than sure, I'm positive. Also this massive volcano would still be there, it's only been a few thousand years, ask them where it's at. Also I'm sure a volcano cannot cause all the firstborns to die, how does that make any sense.

No idea what those crazy Christian's would come up with to counter that. They're all mad! Atheism is the best belief.

God uses nature to punish mankind from time to time. why not?

All miracles can be explained as natural phenomena. when someone prays for a miracle, or a deliverance, and something happens in the environment, society or whatever to make that thing happen, it is called in Jungian psychology synchronicity.
To the faithful, the see the Hand of God at work.
To the atheists, of which there are many today, they simply say natural events with no sort of divine action.
I am a non fundamentalist Pentecostalist, which means I get a lot of verbal abuse from fundamentalists as well as conservatives who do not believe in Pentecostal gifts like speaking in tongues.

The human "mind" likes to seek reasons the Truth is not (as the Truth is its destruction), trouble is when we follow it as it is not the way, the Truth, or the Life and its road leads to all to familiar places (especially in this world) 😉 Love – D

yep it is possible, even plausible

woulndt change anything though would it

since God created the world, He can make volacnoes erupt anytime He wants them to

If you read the text carefully, you'll find that a volcanic eruption could not possibly explain all of the plagues. To be honest, I don't get it. These people– assuming it is Christians who are making the argument– want me to believe in a supernatural God who became a human being, died, and was resurrected (which I do). having made those claims, they stick at taking the miracles of the OT at face value? Good grief. the central claims of Christianity are so staggering as to make the plagues of the exodus seem paltry.

What is the christian response to claims that a massive Volcanic eruption could explain the Exodus punishments?

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