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What is the best way to make powdered formula??

 What is the best way to make powdered formula??

I have a freebie can that I want to use up and I am a pro now at making the concentrate kind, but I was wonder what the best method is to make the powdered kind?
The can shows a picture of a tea kettle to boil the water, but I had always been doing it over the stove. Can I use my electric kettle? Also does the powder dissolve better if you put it in the bottle then add water? or can you pre pour the bottles then add powder when needed?
It's all new to me and the more time I can save, the better! All you mothers can probably relate too.

I used to boil the keetle, fill the bottles, pu tthem in the fridge for later, then when they needed a bottle i put formula in. and put it in the microwave to heat……. yes i know there will be people saying "never put in microwave" well screw you as nothing wrong with my girls and in the middle of the night i am not going to be standing there waiting for 2 bottles (twins) heating up in a cup with hot water….

Put formula after you put the water in as it gets stuck at the bottom of the bottle. But trail and error of what works for you.
Good luck

just follow the instructions. you NEVER want to put formula into the bottle BEFORE water. the ratio would be off and it could be harder for them to digest. It's 60ml to 1 scoop of powder. But again read the label to be sure.

You can add water and when need be add the formula. I use formula on occasion on a per bottle basis. so if i add 120ml, (4oz) once i add the 2 scoops, it raises i believe 1/2 an oz.

You can boil your water any way you want. In a pot, in a kettle, an electric kettle. its up to you. I find the easiest way to do it is to add the powder to the bottle first then add the water. Shake and done. I stopped boiling water a long time ago and started buying the nursery water that is sold at the store. It's got the fluoride in it and it saves time of boiling water. You just put powder in, pour water in , heat bottle and done!

Buy sterile bottled water so you don't have to boil it!
Put the formula in first or else it sticks in the nipple. Add water last, and then shake it well. I'm a pro.

first boil the water then 2put the formela in the buttle 3pour the water when its warm slowley in to the bottle then shake it good that well work

always add the water to the bottle first and then the powder. if you do it the other way the concentration can be too high and can actually damage your child's kidneys. you can use any method to boil the water or you can use bottled. i just use purified bottled water and do not need to boil. all you would have to do is heat it up. my daughter actually drinks her bottle at room temperature and doesnt mind it if it isnt heated up first.

What is the best way to make powdered formula??

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