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What is and what does a vaginal cyst look like?

1302943512 27 What is and what does a vaginal cyst look like?

I went to the doc with what i thought what was perhaps herpes (it was a soft boil on my labia) but she said it was a cyst, an infected hair follicule and would probably discharge pus soon. Problem was when i came home i noticed that there was a tiny little spot with pus that was near the boil so now im afraid she didnt see the boil! what does a vaginal cyst look like?

I am the mother of a 36 yr old daughter who was just recently diagnosed with vaginal cysts. They are usually a growth on the ovary (s) and can be very painful. her gyn said that it was more common with women over 35 who have not had any children and with medication it can be dissolved. They did a ultrasound and sure enough that is what it was. Sometimes it is caused by a hormone imbalance and she was told that if her periods did not go back to a normal cycle (she missed two months in a row then bled quite a bit for 7 days), that they would have to put her on progesterone to balance her hormones especially since she is not on any kind of oral birth control. she lives with me (financial reasons) and hasn't had a boyfriend in awhile, so she has been celibate for months. my motherly advice is to check it out with your gyn doctor to make sure that is what is going on with your body. good luck and take care of yourself, first, always. please ignore the male avatar as I am using my brother-in-law's computer.

I say you don't have anything to worry about! Cysts hurt and sort of feel like zits that never break the surface (like when you get them on your nose).

So take a deep breath & wait a few days. it will go away. I shave and I think it brings them on more often.

What is and what does a vaginal cyst look like?

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