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What if the primary purpose of the universe is to house the greatness of the glory of God?

 What if the primary purpose of the universe is to house the greatness of the glory of God?

Do you ever stop to imagine just how AWESOME God is? He is not a mamby-pamby weak God. here are some of the things that I was thinking about this weekend.

1. God commanded that there be light (a concept only He could even create), and light came blazing forth, ROARING from His mouth at 186,000 miles per second! This raging inferno ripped across the heavens, creating the boiling, blistering star that sustains all life on our planet.

2. God's BREATH created a multitude of intensely radiant luminaries across our galaxy, across the hundreds of billions of known galaxies in our universe!

3. God need only stretch out His thumb and pinky, and between them lies the entire universe. all within the span of His hand!

4. the stars and galaxies were not designed for us to claim and name, but to "shout the glory and and splendor of God" (Psalm 19:1). and yet, we are cherished beyond all other created things. God created man in HIs image, to be unique reflectors of who He is.

5. God designed our brain cells to send impulses racing at 250 mph. He created the peacock's iridescent blue-green plumage. He created the soil, rich and teeming with life and energy.

6. Consider the complexity of DNA. Packed into the nucleus of every cell inside your body is 6 feet of tightly wound DNA. On that 6 feet are about 3 billion letters of code, containing all your genetic information — information for the trillions of proteins that are in your body and the blueprint of every physical aspect about you. all this info needed to specify an organism as complex as a man weighs less than a few thousand-millionths of a gram. Talk about data compression!

7. God's most awe-inspiring act was His redemption of mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. He took the sins of the world on His shoulders and died the death of a criminal so that we wouldn't have to. He did this because He loves us, and his love for us, so undeserving, is truly indescribable.

8. Jesus healed the sick with merely words; or with a touch of His hand. He made the blind see and the crippled walk. He drove demons from the souls of men with His mere presence! He fed more than 5000 people with merely 5 loaves of bread and two fish.

9. the universe is so big we have to measure it in light years, and yet here we are on this tiny blip we call Earth, which God placed at just the right distance from the sun, giving it just the right axial tilt and rotational pattern, so as to accommodate life. Then consider the design of something as small as an ant, only a few millimeters long but containing about 250000 brain cells and having the ability to lift 20 times its body weight. We serve a beautiful, creative, caring, complex God.

10. and God knows us. He can call each and every one of us by name — yes, even you, reading this right now. He knows your name. He knows your heart, your fears, your failures…and He LOVES you. He invited you into a relationship with you and He makes you significant.

So there you have it. Are you aware of the Awesomeness of God? the universe was created to show his glory. Are you so in awe of our Creator that you fall on your face, absolutely overcome by His brilliance, power and majesty?

"What if the primary purpose of the universe is to house the greatness of the glory of God?"

Have you been reading the Westminster Catechism again?

This is the most outrageously impossible bunch of claims! You poor thing!

that would be one hell of an ego.

That's really crazy I got to tell you.

Here's a question for you: if bible is true why does it make God look like an idiot?

You wrote a whole bunch of stuff trying to make God look smart, but bible is way ahead of you just making him look dumb.

yea but there are murderers and rapist and pedophiles.

so if you look at it that way then then those people are "awesomeness"

i would say much like there is no reason for such people to exist there is also no reason for anything else in this universe.

we are a freak accident.

What if the primary purpose of the universe is to house the greatness of the glory of God?

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