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What causes constant boils? I guess thats what they are?

1306112785 40 What causes constant boils? I guess thats what they are?

I get alot of boils I think under my arms and a few other places is it caused by shaveing or what and what can I do to help stop them. they get so sore and I try to pop them and sometimes I get alot of pus out and others not so much but they drive me crazy.

Do an advanced YA search for "boils". someone else asked the same question today.

Those sound like just pimples from germs on the skin. Use some coconut oil before and after shaving.

My brother also gets boils all the time. his dermatologist told him to get Aveeno (for the bath) and put some bleach (maybe a 1/2 a cup
in the water)fill up the bath tub, and NOT stay in the water with the bleach more than 10 minutes. Maybe you should ask your doctor about this treatment.

Some people are more prone than others to getting boils, keep your skin clean (2 showers a day) …. good luck …

I had a boyfriend once who had the same problem. Had them under his arms, inner thighs, & buttocks. in his case, definitely not from shaving! I believe it is toxins, etc that get trapped in your pores which then leads to a boil or pimple.
He would also pop, or lance his boils depending on the size…and I know this sounds gross, but the crap that came out was extremely foul smelling!
He was moderately active but had a very poor diet & drank no water whatsoever. and lastly, he was overweight.
Our bodies need to flush the toxins & crap from the pores, kidneys, etc which is why drinking water is so important.
I don't really recommend what he did with them…I think it could lead to infections. but I have heard, more recently, that making a warm paste of flaxseed & applying it to the area first to draw the crap to the surface helps to draw it out easier.
If all else fails…see a doctor. good luck!

Go to the dermatologist it could be a skin infection. Try using a zinc based crean like the ones for baby´s diaper area…

Sometimes these happen when your immune system is low from stress. Try washing with an antibacterial soap regularly.
Keep clean and dry, reduce stress, eat a healthy diet

What causes constant boils? I guess thats what they are?

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