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What causes boils and what do they look like and..?

cropped makeshift reviews What causes boils and what do they look like and..?

how do you get rid of them with out money
and are the a life scar

Boils are like a big giant pimple. but, a boil is more dangerous than a pimple. Staph infections are quite common from these, especially after picking and or squeezing at them. these generally are red, and have a big white or green pustule in the center of them. The best remedy I know of is to hold a warm rag against them and it will draw up the infection. I have also been told by a few old timers that bacon fat also works in the same manner..
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not sure what causes them but they look like a huge zit to me but hurt and are not on your face. When they come to a head if you lance it that will reduce the pain and it will go away in a few days..

Drink plenty of water, since the body will try to eliminate waste through the skin ,if it is unable to get rid of it through other means. more information can be found at

Boils are caused by an infection under the skin. The turn into a large red swollen puss sack. towards the end they form a "head", or a "white center". When that happens, or just before, start appling hot compersses to the area. as warm as you can stand it for 10-20 minutes 3-4 times a day. I am no Doctor, but in my opinion 500 mg of Keflex 4 times a day helps speed up the maturity and draining of the boil. The Dr and Keflex will cost you money. Speaking of money, unless you have tons of it, the scars are perminate!

What causes boils and what do they look like and..?

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