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What can I do to stop having these boils that is so bad that they have to be lanced each time they appear?

1310187890 59 What can I do to stop having these boils that is so bad that they have to be lanced each time they  appear?

I am not a smoker, drinker, nor have I ever done drugs in my life. I am in my early thirties and since last November 05 I started having boils on my body so bad that my doctor have to lance them each time. they are very disgusting and leave horrible marks on my body. The doctors explanation is that its a staph bacterial infection called MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphlococcus aureus)that has just started to affect more people outside of hospitals. they say the boils can come and go at anytime and there is no medicine that can make them go away for good. there must be something I can do, because it is also affecting my 4 year old son. I have two other children that is not being affected. if anyone knows anything about this mess, please help me. thank you all.

Boy, I hope you do feel better. have you try antibiotic soap like Carbolic soap or Dettol soap? they may kill the bacteria present on the skin. anyway, best of luck to you.

As a medical doctor practising in the UK…. I'm afraid your doctor is right… but your doctor could refer you to see a dermatologist for specialist advice and management. there are some preventative treatments available that could help… I think you need to be assertive and explain how this is affecting your daily life.

Go to different doctors. I had a condition that was misdiagnosed by five doctors. The sixth doctor did tests and correctly diagnosed the problem. your symptoms are of a blood disorder. Check with a nutrition specialist and have blood drawn.

Well ! From the description you have given here I cant make out anything I am a Homeopath and I need to know how the patient is feeling in his or her own words to cure anything if you can explain in detail what they make you feel and what seems to have a bad effect on them and what has a good effect i can help you find the right remedy to treat them and without any side effects but without your explanation I cant prescribe precisely .
Feel Free to email me .
Take Care and God Bless you !

I have a friend who is only 19 who has MRSA and she says taking lots of long soaking, hot baking soda baths really help her skin a lot! Baking soda is cheep, so you can empty a whole box in the tub, soak for a while, then get out, don't rinse it off, your skin will start to get better in time; it has helped her immensely! There's lots and lots of information on MRSA over the Internet, give it a try and good luck!

go for homeopathic will get immediate remedy

What can I do to stop having these boils that is so bad that they have to be lanced each time they appear?

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