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What are some food cures for farting?

 What are some food cures for farting?

i have been farting the whole day!
it bothers me and other around, it horrible.
my stomach feels full and heavy, so im full of gases.
For lunch I had some cooked, boiled chicken with a light, so i dont know what been making this all happen.,

What should I have for dinner, to calm the gases and farts?
Will an omelet be a bad choice? or dairy products?
please help

some beano so there will bee no gas later. just fart and laugh it will make your day so much better!

shame on you for wanting to stop farting,it would be a crime if everyone took the same stance! i advise beans and cabbage,should see you right


Possible you have lactose intolerance…avoid milk and milk products for a while, see if that helps. Avoid gaseous the famed beans, undercooked pasta, etc. Or you could use a product to reduce gas, like Beano…

Have you tried lighting them?

What are some food cures for farting?

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