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What Are Gum Boils?

Gum boils in the mouth are also known as parulus. These are areas in the mouth that become drainage points for an abscess. the abscesses are fond in the roots of teeth. If you have this condition, you may have pain and you may have other symptoms. the condition can lead to a significant infection and, if left untreated, can be problematic to the teeth, bone and gums in the mouth. By better understanding what gum boils are, you will be better able to recognize this condition and to get help for it.

How they FormThe mouth is a hotbed of bacteria. If those bacteria remain under control, there are few complications that occur in the mouth. your mouth and immune system will work together to keep the gums, teeth and other structures in the mouth healthy. the problem occurs when the amount of bacteria rises too high and is not met by proper oral hygiene. When this happens, a series of events can occur that leads to painful infections in the mouth.

Gum boils occur when the nerve that is in a tooth dies. When it does die, the nerve will exit the tooth at the bottom, near the tooth’s root. When this occurs, the body reacts by sending white blood cells to the area as part of the immune system reaction. By doing so, the white blood cells can destroy the infection. however, these white blood cells also die off and when they do, they form an abscess.

The problem further worsens when the abscess breaks through the tissues of the mouth, such as the gums, and then the abscess drains. the gum boil is the location in the mouth that where the abscess drains. This area can become very sensitive and it can look bright red and swollen. This is not a condition you will want to ignore.

If you believe you have gum boils, it is a sign that there is a more complicated and severe health condition occurring in your mouth. the good news is that you can often get treatment for this condition by visiting your dentist. Though you are likely to need a dentist’s care for this condition, due to the potential loss of your tooth, you can improve the condition afterwards by improving your dental hygiene. Gum boils in the mouth can lead to further infections and pain if they are not treated properly.

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What Are Gum Boils?

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