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VERY large boil on inner thigh!?

 VERY large boil on inner thigh!?

ok im 34 weeks pregnant and I have a VERY large boil / monster pimple on my inner thigh. it has been here foir about 4-5 days now. and still does not have any type of head. I have put hot compresses on it for the past 2 nights now. and taken very hot baths. and still no type of head. it is the size of a walnut / golf ball. the puss i can feel deep inside rock hard. it sticks out. and I cant walk anymore now as of today. i cant really sit either. it sticks out like a couple of inches and i can stand with my leggs somewhat apart or not touching and this thing still touches the othe side of my leg. should I go to the hospital? VERY VERY painful!!!!!!!!

I've had these things before, but find them less annoying if I just leave them alone and let them come to a head and drain in their own time. I have a friend that gets them too, and her doctor recommended an ointment of some sort to draw the puss out, but unfortunately I can't remember the name of the stuff. a pharmacist might be able to help you if you don't want to call your doctor.

Sounds like a boil, aka a furuncle. could be caused by staph bacteria, etc. Can become an abscess which is dangerous, you should have it checked out at a hospital if the compresses haven't brought out the head.

you could go to the ER…but I'd just wait til the doctors on monday. it's not going to go away on its own, you might as well stop trying hun. the doctors will numb around it will a very small needle and then use a scalpel to cut it open and drain it. it's probably mrsa, especially if its got a black dot on the top.

VERY large boil on inner thigh!?

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