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Urgent Help Needed !!!(skin specialists!!) PLEASE HELP!!!!! URGENNT?

1303181115 74 Urgent Help Needed !!!(skin specialists!!) PLEASE HELP!!!!! URGENNT?

I have been getting these boil like things all over my body for like 2 years now they start out to be what feels like a harmless spider bite (small, itchy, somewhat painful) when i go to itch it it breaks open and the next morning has a white head i pop it and it gets worse and worse from there for 5- 6 days or more it gets bigger and more painful it gets red and BIG it scabs and has so much pus drains for hours i have used a Drawing salve BOIL eaze chiggerex neosporin everything and nothing works! i dont know what to do doctors say they are bug bites no trace of STAPH i just wanna get rid of them i have also taken Doxyc yclene and it didnt work! my brother got 175 of them in one month we thoght it was due to his new matress so we covered it and he was fine the day after i get a new matress from the same place i end up with them all over! COINCIDENCE? i just wanna get rid of them they are so painful! are they boils PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

First check for bedbugs.. they are ramped all over the U.S. right now. Look on line to see what they and their droppings look like.
I boils occasionally. My doc told me that they are hereditary and there's really nothing you can do other than making sure you're kept clean, use anti bacterial soap like Dial. I would stop popping them. The puss that comes out can be spreading. Put a hot compress on them when they get sore, use boil-eez and keep a band-aid on after it blows, but don't pick or squeeze. I know it's tempting but it only exacerbates the problem.
Good luck

Urgent Help Needed !!!(skin specialists!!) PLEASE HELP!!!!! URGENNT?

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