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UNBELIEVEABLE Body odor problem – what's causing it?

1303881554 12 UNBELIEVEABLE Body odor problem   what's causing it?

We have a real problem with an employee who has severe body odor. Please excuse my language, but it smells like fecal matter is still stuck to his bottom. on top of this, he also smells like puss. this is not your typical BO caused from perspiration (our employees work on the road, and many of them come back to the office smelling like sweat after working hard all day) – THIS is not the problem he has. he does not smell like sweat – he honestly smells like the inside of a boil.
He has no medical problems (like diabetes) that we know of, though he does have a large build and is rather heavy.
We have talked to him several times about showering before work, and he has assured us that he does, in fact, shower before coming in. he also tells us that he wears deodorant/antiperspirant. this odor problem is so bad that it can be smelled through the massive amounts of Axe Body Spray he uses.
Does anyone know what may be causing this? we are desperate to get to the bottom of this issue, because it is very embarassing to us, as business owners, to send someone who smells this way into a customer's home. any help is greatly appreciated!!!

UNBELIEVEABLE Body odor problem – what's causing it?

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