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This is gross, but what causes boils?

1310720660 54 This is gross, but what causes boils?

I've been getting boils most of my life. I had a really long break when I didn't seem to get any, and now they're back. I'm 25, and I hate these things! How do you get boils and how do you treat them.

It is a staph infection.

The link below may help you.

I had one on my knee once…oh, how it hurt.

is that boil the skin with water in it? you can prick it with a needle.

yea, nasty buggers they are. just look it up on

I used to get one in my ear every year… my dr put me on a course of Zithromax each time, and after a few rounds of that it cleared them up permanently.

This is gross, but what causes boils?

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