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Thinking about snake bites -pictures?

1304932598 99 Thinking about snake bites  pictures?

So..I would say my lips are.. full.
But some people describe them as.. compact.. and small when considering the length of my lips. I mean.. I know they're not very long or anything.. but does that automatically rule out lip rings??

Here are some pics of what my lips look like.………

Sorry they're all like.. side angles.. I guess I just don't like facing the camera.

But what it all boils down to..

Would I, or would I not, look alright with snake bite lip rings??

You have a long oval shape face, so if you did get snake bites it would draw attention to the lower half of your face, making it look longer.

You could get short straight across (but layered not blunt) bangs, not just a side bang, to give your face more of a rounded shape, so that the snake bites would balance out.
You could look good with a monroe piercing though it'd be symmetrical with your face, although they are pretty generic now a days.

EDIT: I just realised that a vertical labret stud would look really good with your lips. Just think about it!…

snake bite lip rings would be alright for you,
but I'm actually thinking a nose piercing on you would look much nicer, for some odd reason.
It's an unusual thing for me to like on someone, but I think it'd be nice on you.

no i would not like it you look much better with a small nose ring my friends looks soooooooooooo much like you and she has a nose ring and it looks so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go for it.
But i also think a nose ring would be okay for you.

Thinking about snake bites -pictures?

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