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THE BOOK–Playing The Percentages In Baseball

1302728448 83 THE BOOK  Playing The Percentages In Baseball Friday, April 01, 2011

River Ave Blues is trying out the NY Times model.  (Ok, this part is a joke.  Rest of this thread is still relevant.)

On occasion, I’ve thought about introducing a paywall.  what happened to these thoughts?  well, about 5 minutes later, I’d have a thread up about something unrelated.  Basically, I don’t have the patience to even think about trying to make money from this.  As it stands, I’ve got sponsors at and here, and part of one mortgage payment is taken care of.

Furthermore, at least half the value of this blog is the Straight Arrows (that’s you guys, minus the odd a$$hole that’s out there).  I quite enjoy interacting with everyone here.  So, any model I’d come up with, I’d have to make sure to funnel half of it back to you guys.  I mean, I can’t even imagine charging Alan Nathan 20$ to be a subscriber here.  Sh!t, I’d like to pay him to be a commenter here.  When we published the Book, we gave out a few copies for marketing purposes, but we also sent one for free to Pete Palmer (he did write the foreword, but that was irrelevant) and bill James.  bill said he wanted to pay for it, but I told him no. 

And same applies for Guy and Rally and Phil and Mike and Colin and Patriot and… well, I don’t want to leave anyone out.  I can’t imagine charging you guys, if you guys are going to be contributors via comments.

You don’t know how much it was eating me up that my ESPN articles were being a pay wall, so finding a 4$ annual subscription was a godsend (the alternative was that I’d have to setup a paywall to let you guys see it).

At the same time, at some point, I’ll probably say “goodbye” because, well, if others keep paying me for my time, then I won’t have any time left to do this. I look back at some commenters that no longer post here, or post here infrequently, like Beamer and Terps, and wonder if maybe if we had some sort of paywall, that they’d still be here.

Basically, if the readers-non-commenters of this blog are paying the commenters of this blog.  some sort of micropayment system based on number of comments or words (that at least are of half-decent quality).

Anyway, it’s been 5 minutes, and I’m going to find a good article to read and post here.

THE BOOK–Playing The Percentages In Baseball

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