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Tee tree oil? – Yahoo! Answers

 Tee tree oil?   Yahoo! Answers

I heard tee tree oil is good for treatment of boils, and other skin conditions. How do you apply it? straight up or diluted. some sites said for pregnant or nursing women to use it yet they also recommend it for treatment of cradle cap. what is the difference for the baby?

tee tree oil is not only good for skin but its a alternate to using achloic cleaners after you get a peircing. it can also be used for canker and cold sores and the get rid of pimples too. it smells like a hippy so some people like to diluted. but best effects is just use it straight just apply liberally to the affected area. its all natural and the best thing to use.

it is good to treat some skin conditions,,but be careful.. using it too much can actually iritate your skin. i used to put it on zits and then i went hog wild putting it on every couple of hours… made them hurt…and more red.

so i guess if you actually " use it as directed" and not like me, it would help simple smile Tee tree oil?   Yahoo! Answers

Tee tree oil? – Yahoo! Answers

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