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Stye? treatment required ?

1311800696 58 Stye? treatment required ?

I have a boil right in between my eyelashes . first it was just swelling so i thought it might be simple infection but now it has a face with pus coming out . I did some net research and found out that its called STYE and is fairly common .
But the thing is most of the treatment was to get a clean cloth dipped in warm water and compress the pus out . But if the pus connects with inside of my eye then what am i suppose to do ? So i am just scared of doing this .
Its sunday and no doctors untill 2moro morning . I am in pain .
are there any over the counter meds ?
anything to relive the pain ?
please help .

Golden Eye ointment from any chemist. Have you a chemist in your local supermarket

Stye? treatment required ?

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