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Staff infection contagious?

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My mother in law is watching my babies, 2 months & 3 years. She called me and told me that she has had boils under her arms and the infectious doctor told her that he thinks its a staff infection. She said it isn't contagious, I am super paranoid now. Any encounter this type staff infection?

It's spelled staph, and it's short for Staphylococcus aureus. It IS contagious, and she needs to learn to avoid potentially spreading it, especially to her grandchildren. It's a bacteria, not a virus, and some forms of it are resistant to many antibiotics (MRSA)(methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

Do NOT allow her to come in contact with your children until she is completely cured of this infection. your kids are very young, and don't really have the ability to resist this infection. Check your kids all over for red spots, especially sore red spots, on the skin. Also be on the lookout for wounds or red areas that have pus in them. If you take the youngsters to the doc, tell him or her that they have been exposed to staph. The staph can also infect other areas of the body, but it's harder to see and diagnose.

Be sure to take the kids' temperatures if they seem overly warm to you. I certainly hope that they didn't catch it. your mother in law seems to be either ignorant or malicious. YOU need to safeguard your children from her.

A staff is contagious.If she doesn't wash her hands thoroughly she could transmit it.Someone else needs to watch your kids.Her just going to the bathroom and not washing well can spread it.;…

Staff infection contagious?

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