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Spider bite on my dog from a Grass Spider (Funnel Weaver Spider).?

1304946414 45 Spider bite on my dog from a Grass Spider (Funnel Weaver Spider).?

A few days ago my dog was apparently bitten by a pretty common Grass Spider, or Funnel Weaver Spider. I noticed when it fell off her, and I inspected it closely so I know for a fact what kind of spider it was. I was unsure if it had bitten her until yesterday, when she developed a large (about half dollar sized) lump on her butt. She hasn't acted weird or sick at all, but the boil-like bite wound looked bad! I'm thinking that it caused a reaction in her body and treated the bite like an infection, sending white blood cells to the site and causing it to swell and fill with puss. I put a draw salve on it and later last night it popped. So I've been "draining" it, keeping the area clean, putting salve on it, and keeping a makeshift diaper on her while it drains. if she starts acting out of sorts in any way I won't hesitate to take her to the vet, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I should be doing?? anyone else have a similar experience??

You will need to has the abscess looked at by a vet and probably drained and cleaned and probably need to had some meds. Spider bites are serious and she should have gone to a vet right away

Spider bites can be nasty. I know a dog that had to be neutered because he got bitten on the testicles.

I would check with the vet sooner rather than later.

Take her to the vet before this gets really serious. and by the way no antibiotic costs 500$.

I think she should really go to the vets. Spiders could carry all sorts of nasty infections/diseases.

Spider bite on my dog from a Grass Spider (Funnel Weaver Spider).?

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