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Some final TCM tips

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Listen to your body, not your mind, when selecting foods and determining what you eat. Try closing your eyes for an instant in the supermarket. your first idea (the first food that comes to mind) is what your body needs. Knowing what your body wants is a gift. The Natural Weight Loss Guide helps the body recall this ability.

Try not to eat while you’re having a meeting. Don’t converse or talk on the phone while you’re eating: talking and eating at the same time reverses the Qi or energy relationship between the stomach and the lung.

Chew your food well—it makes the digestive process easier for the body as a whole.

Eat until 70 percent full—this also makes the digestive process easier. Don’t eat as if your mouth belongs to you and your stomach belongs to someone else!

Heaviest food should be eaten earlier in the day. Eat a quality breakfast (e.g., toasted walnuts and fruit). Don’t eat late at night. by the way, the most valuable part of the walnut is the “screen” between the two halves. It has a lot of energy that can be used to strengthen your kidney function. Some people like to make a tea of them.

Eat foods cooked, not raw. Save your Qi for healing.

Never drink iced fluids, especially when thirsty or after strenuous exercise.

Sometimes to gain the healing benefit of a particular food, it is necessary to eat it in large quantities. Juicing offers one way to eat more of the whole fruit of the watermelon. If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a blender. just cut up the watermelon into smaller pieces that the blender can handle. Everything in the watermelon has a healing benefit. Include the seeds, white and green (skin) part of the melon, as well as the red fruit. The seeds are a digestive aid. The roots and leaves of the plant can be used to make healthful soup.

These foods cause excess internal heat. This is heat you definitely don’t need or want. Continually experiencing internal heat is a health hazard which, at the very least, causes skin problems. So do yourself a favor—take a pass on these kinds of foods.

If your feet are cold in the winter, a quick way to bring warmth is by soaking them in a small tub of warm water. to warm cold hands and feet, put tangerine rind, black pepper, and ginger in boiling water for about ten minutes. Let the mixture cool down a bit so it’s comfortable on your skin, then use the heated liquid as a wash for the cold parts of your body, or someone else’s for that matter.

To reduce PMS symptoms, cover your legs in the winter and in the wind with something heavy, such as woolen pants or a long skirt. Pantyhose is not enough protection for the many meridians of your leg. for a PMS tea, place sliced ginger, scallion, orange peel, rose petals, rosemary, and cinnamon in a pot of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let it steep for a few minutes. Drink the liquid hot twice a day when symptoms are present.

If you bruise yourself or incur a sports injury, do not use ice—use heat on the bruise or rub some Tiger Balm or herbal wine on it. you can find herbal wines in most Chinese grocery stores, and a number of martial arts supply companies sell Tiger Balm. Another easy way to apply heat is to use Tabasco sauce. for centuries, TCM has successfully practiced the use of heat on sports injuries. while ice may numb the pain in the present, its cold essence can travel deep into your bones and cause you great arthritic pain later. many athletes, famous and not so famous, have been forced to give up their game or retire because of serious arthritis. you can prevent this problem by switching to the use of heat now.

Have a minor burn? Apply the white of an egg—beaten or plain. what to do about a stomachache? Soak garlic in vinegar and sugar for a few months. keep this mixture in a ceramic or glass jar with a closed top that you can store either in the refrigerator or on a shelf, then eat a clove when your stomach is bothering you.

Smile from your heart!

Some final TCM tips

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