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Skin boils developed 3 months postpartum?

1309136678 63 Skin boils developed 3 months postpartum?

I developed a huge skin boil in my armpit and after it burst have developed multiple boils in the same area – which are exceedingly painful. The chafing against my breast has also led to one at the top of my breast and I have since gone to my ob/gyn since i am nursing and been put on a dose of antibiotics. I have since discovered a couple of small additional ones ( on my back and in the groin area – both seem to be where the clothes (underwear) chafes the skin. My questions a) is one more prone to these postpartum? b) how does one cure it and how does one prevent it?

Please help – its excruciating pain, especially since I have to keep on lifting the baby with the dodgy arm.

Additional information –
a) am in India, and its been exceedingly HOT, so have been sweating like mad.
b) Carrying the pregnancy weight still
c) With a newborn infant, have no time for waxing – so could be the hair follicle thing too!

You could try some bamboo clothing as it is a lot smoother and should help ease the discomfort. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterial and breathes so is great in the heat.

Skin boils developed 3 months postpartum?

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