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Side Effects of Pepsi & Coco cola ? Painful Boils ?

 Side Effects of Pepsi & Coco cola ? Painful Boils ?

I just wanted to know if anyone else experianced a similar problem with Pepsi & Coco Cola. Recently in Kerala, both companies were banned due to pesticides found within their product. I had this recurring problem with painful boils appearing every other day. once I stopped drinking both of them for a while and I noticed that I had no more boils. whenever I occasionally drink either one I find that the very next day I have painful boils. So I tested my theory a couple of times, abstaining for weeks and trying just one bottle of pepsi or coke after weeks and immediately had boils on my body. I have been drinking pepsi and coco cloa ever since I can remember, it was my daily habit to visit a local shop & have a drink of pepsi in the evenings. I just wanted to know if there is anyone else who has suffered like me ? I have now quit both products ever since I discovered this problem, and if you are having boils check your diet to see if you are consuming something similar ..

I'm a total Pepsi addict. I haven't had any problems.

Either in Pepsi or Coke -Pesticides detected? so wonderful and can't believe it.Even if it happens due to water supplies where they are getting.may be the water is contaminated.I can only say on the long run it has an carcinogenic effects.As well as it contains phosphoric acid which can dissolve your nail.keep open the bottle and cut one of your nail and dissolve it in a bottle.after few days your nail will be dissolved in coke.for More on this read the articles published by Alemic Chemical Works ltd,Baroda- Coca cola can dissolve your nail ( 1967) also read it from website and some recent finding in a banglore schools.

Yes I have experienced.this cocola is very Harmful for us in my their lives a boy of 14 years.when he dronk the cola.At morning he was totally having the fever till 106 degree.I only advise all that you should not drink the cola at the cost.

The problem is not with Pepsi & Coco cola. if so all those who drink will get boils. You may be having alergy for Pepsi & coco cola. So if you drink you will get boils and if you stop drinking you may not get boils.

I experienced that, but to prevent it just drink it after it boils.

i don't know but in the USA you could sue for monetary gain and there is a FDA in my country

i once had a friend break out from the same thing in red hives,like boils, turns out it was the high amount of sugar in his body at once.

Side Effects of Pepsi & Coco cola ? Painful Boils ?

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