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Should I return to work with MRSA?

1312837455 93 Should I return to work with MRSA?

I have been diagnosed wisth mrsa (ie: skin boils) by my workers comp doctor. he has authorized me to return to work immediately. Given the prevalince of msra to spread, should I return to work or seek a second opinion? I work in a State Prison as an Officer and this is likely were I came in contact with the mrsa.

You will test positive for MRSA for the rest of your life. once you have it in your system, it never leaves. if you have no open sores that would come in contact with another person or that could become infected causing your life to be in danger, you should be safe to return to work. You will also need to watch for open sores on your body for ever now. keep them clean and covered with a bandage. You can get MRSA anywhere, but especially in hospital settings. You would be amazed at the number of people in the world that would test positive if everyone went for a test.

You can go back to work if an MD has cleared you. MRSA is somthing that you'll always have, you'll just need to be cautious if its in your sputum ( saliva ) it can be transported when you cough or sneeze.

Should I return to work with MRSA?

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