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Repeated Boils on Buttocks

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Are Repeated Boils on Buttocks Dangerous?

Boils are a type of a skin disorder which usually occurs due to an infection triggered by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. the boils on the buttocks are caused due to the following:

• An ingrown hair• Sitting for too long• the blocking of the sweat glands• due to a bruise or minor cut.

Generally speaking, the boils on the buttocks can be either mild or severe. although even the mild ones can cause inconvenience because of their location yet they wither away quickly after the boil completes its life cycle.

The severe ones require some form of treatment. If they are not a complicated then simple home remedies such as heat therapy can help them bring to a head. after they suppurate or form pus they can be drained. If they happen to grow large in size then it is sensible to have them properly lanced or drained by a medical practitioner. this prevents the bacterial infection from spreading. As a matter of fact boils are quite contagious.

Now, let us analyze the causes of the recurrent boils before we can figure out whether they are dangerous or not.

The major reasons why boils on buttocks may appear repeatedly are as follows:

• they can recur due to some serious undiagnosed problems such as HIV.• Patients suffering from scabies and eczema are likely to face recurrent boils.• a weak immune system may also cause recurrent boils. In such a condition the body is not equipped to tackle such infections.• some people discontinue the boil treatment mid-way if the boils are not visible on their skin. the bacteria within the system get protection and may attack once again.• Recurring boils can be genetic as well.• Obesity can also cause recurrent boils because there is an imbalance in the metabolism due to obesity.

Thus, we find that repeated boils on buttocks are not usually dangerous but they can become risky if their underlying cause is not diagnosed. If they are caused by a dangerous undiagnosed ailment such as HIV, then we can well imagine the consequence of not having the boils examined properly.

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