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Recurring boils on buttocks and thighs?

1306415190 27 Recurring boils on buttocks and thighs?

I am having recurring boils around my buttocks and thighs about 4 months. Its started on my right thigh first. Then it healed itself after a painful week and pus coming. after 2 weeks it happened on my left buttock, then right then right etc. It was happening only one place each time and after 20 days the previous one. Then 4 weeks ago i developed a stye on my eye, and it healed. And now I have 3 or for boils at the same time started to develop with a little fever and little chill, fatigue. I therefore take aspirin. before I went to hospital but nurse said me i should go when it has with pus in it and didnt let me to see doctor. any ideas?
also: I am sitting a lot in a day. I am a quite thin person all my life and my room is not clean. My nutrition is not that good.

Maybe you should go to a different doctor, clean your room, stop sitting so much, and consume a more nutritional diet. I'm sure sitting HAS to be irritating your skin. It kinda sounds like you have a lot of bacteria harboring on your thighs and butt and your pores are getting clogged and in-turn causing you to get boils… or abscesses..ooor MRSA.. Just go to a doctor.

Well, staying in the same position for a very long time causes boils. So if you are sitting most of the time, try changing around your positions and standing up. Also if your room and/or personal hygiene is not clean, that will also be a major issue. I'm not sure if your diet has anything to do with it, but it probably wouldn't hurt to eat better. you need to get active! Boils can be very serious because they can get infected and cause the infection to go into your blood stream and this can be deadly. you definitely need to change your daily routine and see a doctor. take care.

You need to see a Dr for some Antibiotics , sounds like you have a infection.

Recurring boils on buttocks and thighs?

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