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Reccuring boils?

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What could be the possible reason for oneself getting boils (with puss type) often across face/shoulders;does the place where such boils recurs indicative of anything? What is the appropriate diagnosis,hence treatment and diet control required.does gender difference matter(if female and under pills) Patient type: Male or Female/37years/Working.

get your blood sugar tested you may be diabetic

Go to a doctor and get the "boils" examined. ask the doctor to take a sample of the puss in the boils and to test it for herpes virus. there are 6 different types of herpes virus. Facial herpes is very common and even though the thought of it might repulse you, if you really want to know then a lab can test for the virus very easily. honestly, I haven't even seen them and I'm pretty sure it is herpes. if it isn't, then you should go to a doctor and find out what it is because treatment will be different depending on what is causing your symptoms.

btw, there is absolutely nothing you can do to cure herpes or any other viral infections. there are anti-virals but those usually only disrupt the replicative life cycle of the virus. Our medicine is not currently advanced enough to eliminate most viruses. your immune system will keep it in check though. That means you should eat well and get ample sleep.

I would not be surprised at all if the "boils" came out during times when you were stressed out, deprived of sleep, or any other things that weaken our immune system.

I know wtf I am talking about. go see a doctor and confirm it for yourself and you'll see I am not lying.

May be an infection in the body that you are not aware or isn't obvious. Is the person really obese? see your Dr. asap==

Are you having bad acne or actual boils? Some people are just more prone to boils than others. Oily skin can cause them. It occurs when sweat glands get clogged. the sweat stays sealed inside and eventually becomes infected. ask your MD if there is anything you can do to prevent it. if it is just bad acne, antibiotics can be given for an extended period of time. (Do these have to be lanced and drained by a doctor?)

All boils contain pus.
Boils are staph infections of the skin that cause redness, swelling, warmth and pain.
I know that I had recurring folliculitits (infection of hair follicle–caused the same symtoms). My doc suggested putting an
antibiotic gel into my nostrils (advised me that this is often a source of infections)

You need to be seen by your family doctor or a Dermatologist to determine whether you have boils or some other infection. Boils often reoccur in the same area.

Treatment can be a low dose of tetrycycline to get the infection out of your system—Be gentle when washing–don't squeeze the areas—apply Neosporin antibiotic ointment to the areas after you have cleaned them. Bathe daily.

I don't think gender makes a big difference. Hormones can produce excessive amounts of oil which can contribute to these breakouts.

You won't know exactly what condition you have until you find a doctor to make a definitive diagnosis.

Avoid sweets and excess carbs which can make your symptoms worse.

Diabetes can cause boils but is not the only cause. get a blood test done for sugar level to confirm or eliminate one major cause for boils.

Consult a homoeopath. You need constitutional treatment and homoeopathy is very effective in it.

Reccuring boils?

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