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Raw food diet? Bad for older dogs?

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I started my dog on the raw food diet, and I actually saw changes in his coat, that it was getting shinier. but my dog also had very dry skin. we took him too the vet today and they said if we keep feeding him raw meat, it'll be bad for his digestive system, and make it worse because raw meat has bacteria in it. they also said that we should feed him boiled hamburger meat, apples, beans, and things with protein, is that true? And that it's bad for older dogs? should I listen to my vet?

I need help from people who really know about dogs, please.
I honestly don't trust the vets in my town.
I also look at this website, in where the dog has the same problem as mine.…
Here are some photos of my dog, if that helps.. he's in pretty rough shape at the moment…
He was moving alot, so i couldnt take the best photos, sorry

And he's 8 years old.

oh my god! his skin is horrible!

They didnt give you any medicine or loaton for it? O__O ?!?!

You have a handsome pooch!
Let me begin by saying kudos to you for wanting the very best nutrition for your pet.
The best nutrition for a pet typically does not come from the raw diet because people don't always get the best advice about it.
Dogs need additional nutrients that the raw diet fails to provide.
Also salmonella poisoning is a huge risk to you and your pet if not prepared in a meticulous manner.
When I worked at an ER/CC hospital 2 dogs fed the raw food diet were seen for profuse vomiting and diarrhea and HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) once treated and put back on a high quality food completely recover. they were fairly young dogs and an older dog would not be able to recover so easily.
Most veterinarians don't like the diet because there are too many things that can go wrong.
foreign bodies
absorption issues
nutrient deficiencies to name a few.
It always gives me a chuckle that a person is more willing to believe a website over their own vet.
It is right to question your vet but have some faith.
Trust me they too want whats best for your pet.
They get no kick backs from selling you prescription diets.
If you want to feed your pet a good meal look into Wellness,Innova,Canidea and Eagle brand foods.
Supplement with omega fatty acids for coat and skin health.

My dogs are on a raw diet. There is no better diet.

Most vets don't know anything about food. if they did, they wouldn't sell Science Diet. There is a great book called, "Dogs, Diets, and Disease" that I highly recommend. you might want to find a holistic vet to talk with you about dog food. I use a holistic vet (to help keep the dogs healthy) and a regular vet (for when they are sick).

Dogs are basically wolves. Wolves kill things and bury them, come back to feed over a series of days without getting sick. Dogs have very short digestive systems. the theory is that because their digestive systems are so short, bad bacteria doesn't stay in their systems long enough to make them sick. However, the short digestive system also means that they have a harder time digesting food. Raw food has enzymes that aid in digestion, making it easier for a dog to digest. as food gets cooked, the enzymes are killed. the more the food is cooked, the fewer the enzymes.

My dogs used to get heat sores in the summer – one vet said they were tumors. once we switched to raw food, they quit getting the heat sores.

Well here's the thing vets are not trained in nutrition raw is the best way to feed a dog you can get raw food from a pet supply store Natures Variety is a great food they even have raw freeze dried food you can get…5 months ago I adopted a Chihuahua is skin was so bad he had a large patch of fur that was gone my vet wanted to put in on hills I told him I would think about it I got my little dog an Natures Variety dry with some raw all his hair grew back he's coat is beautiful he 6 years and doing great on it…go with your gut if your dog is doing good then don't change his food..

Raw is a good way to go for your dog but, you need to know what you are doing.

1. Human grade food is not animal grade food. A LOT of hormones get put into the meat we eat and it is NOT good for your dog. find free range or organic meat .

2. if you arenʻt supplementing raw with fruit and veggies, get a GOOD kibble. And by good I mean absolutely no corn in it at all, high protein and actual meat as a top ingredient.

3. And like most folks said vets donʻt learn about raw and get training and grants from the crappy dog food companies like Purina and Pedigree.

Most vets will tell you that raw diets are bad. they don't receive much nutrition education in school, what little they get is taught or sponsored by major dog foods companies.

Bacteria is everywhere, even in commercial dog food. Your dog's digestive tract is set up for this.

Your dogs diet may need a bit of tweaking, but its hard to say without actually knowing your feeding schedule.

You can also check out the Raw Diets forum over Dogster. here is a link to post with LOTS of information. the people there are very and helpful as well.…

I must also suggest that you read Raw Meaty Bones, written by a VET this is a great book for those wanting to feed raw. In fact there are several vets, and more emerging all the time who DO support the raw diet.

OK – from my understanding (please do your research to be sure) a raw food diet is best for your dog. it does depend on the dog and the "raw" you are feeding.
Avoid buying your raw meats from the grocery store if you are feeding it to your dog – far too many growth hormones and steroids go into meats that are for human consumption, and they can badly damage a dog internally. Visit your local natural pet food store or your local butcher … you want free range (or maybe organic) grown meats. Chicken and turkey are usually the best. AND – NEVER feed cooked bones! they could splinter and cause severe damage if/when swallowed.
Also, be sure you pet has access to as much water as possible. Dry skin could be from dehydration, though your pet would have to be severely dehydrated at that point.

A high quality kibble is essential also as there are nutrients in the kibble that are not in the raw. if you don't do the kibble, find out exactly what nutrients you would need to buy and add to the raw.
Some of the dry skin problems could be from allergies – fleas, grass, foods such as wheat, soy, corn or beef, etc.

We have a dog that came to us with very bad skin – missing fur and bad "hot, red" welts on her dry flaky skin. we initially put her on Nature's Recipe for Sensitive Skin (Venison recipe) and it really helped her … her skin was completely clear within 2 weeks and her fur was growing back. we kept her on the food for a year, and then switched her over to a raw/kibble mix. all our dogs are fed Taste of the Wild (we use the yellow bag, buffalo, venison mix) which is a grain free kibble, and we supplement with whole ground raw chicken (ground with bones and all) and raw turkey necks.
Their skin and coats are awesome – they are healthy, and happy. None of my dogs are "seniors" yet, so I haven't come to that myself. but I work with a rescue group that advocates raw diets and they do feed it to their senior dogs as well.

Most vets will only "push" or "recommend" the commercial dog food that comes from a company who sponsors (donates money to) that vet (or that group of vets). very few will tell you about following a holistic or raw diet as it takes money away from them.
Search online and you can also find recipes for foods you can make at home for feeding to your dog – if you prefer to do that.


you should listen to tour vet. I asked a vet in my town on career day and he said to listen to your vet

i def would COOK the meet beforehand. Potatoes, boiled chicken and rice are good.

Raw food diet? Bad for older dogs?

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