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Question about boils/skin abscess!?

1302508847 24 Question about boils/skin abscess!?

My boyfriend is a bigger guy; around 260-280. he gets reoccurring skin lesions on the inner, uppermost thigh, where he has the most excess skin and clothing friction. he sweats quite a deal too, being larger, and the fact that we live in the "Concrete Jungle" (Phoenix, AZ).

Anyway, my question is this. he had another large mass on his thigh this morning that was nothing. Just a lump that was painful to the touch. Tonight, when he got home from work, the mass was a bit larger, and at the center had a black head. he thought it was just blood, but out of concern, we sterilized a sewing needle with peroxide and I had him puncture it to get it to drain. Out comes this foul smelling pus, mixed heavily with blood. My ex-husband had boils in the past, and I remember the fluid that came out to be almost black.

This drained for about three hours, then we sterilized the area and covered it with gauze for the night. he is going to the doctor tomorrow for a routine check-up, and I want him to mention it so he can get on some antibiotics to help with the infection, because he refuses to the ER if this gets worse. I'm concerned about possible gangrene or a sudden staph infection. everything I've researched regarding this on my own has led me to Hidradenitis suppurativa as being the condition, due to his weight and sweating, but I don't know how to make him see that this could be really bad. he does the 'I've had these before and things will be fine' routine. But my ex was laid up for a week after he had his lanced from his knee.

Can anyone give me any other ideas as to what this is? Or is my research spot on?

He totally has to show the doctor and if he is prone to them a good antibiotic may be in order.
It sounds as if it drained well but let the doctor talk to him about it all and set him on a good path.
Sounds like he's a tougher guy with things and or it just effects people differently.

Question about boils/skin abscess!?

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