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Q&A: help with a “boil” on my face!!!! 10 points!?

1305018967 64 Q&A: help with a “boil” on my face!!!! 10 points!?Skin Boils April 17th, 2011

Question by CaliGirl: help with a “boil” on my face!!!! 10 points!?Okay, so I’ve had this one “pimple” on my face for about 4 weeks now (not kidding). and it’s not going away! I’ve tried everything! and it seems as though it may be a boil. it does have a LOT of pus but it really doesn’t hurt THAT much.

I’m not sure, do you think it’s a boil? it does kinda look strange to be a pimple and it’s kinda rising above the skin. I can cover it up but after every day I take off the cover up and the scab comes off, so it never completely heals!

I think I am going to buy this “Boil Ease” Ointment at Walgreens to try and get rid of it, but do you think it will work since I’ve had the boil for a long time now? PLEASE ANSWER, THANKS!

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Answer by edgardo563no go to your doctor and tell him about your issue

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  1. innout86 says: April 18th, 2011 at 12:23 am

    I had something similar, but it kept spreading, getting not only bigger in size, but creating more “boils”. I went to a doctor where they gave me two prescriptions, one oral and one ointment that got rid of it almost immediately. OTC ointments did nothing for me, so I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on those.

Q&A: help with a “boil” on my face!!!! 10 points!?

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