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Public pensions: Just reward or too much?

 Public pensions: Just reward or too much?

I have worked for 20+ years for the State of GA. When the economy was booming, I saw all of my friends and acquantances earning many times my meager salary. I haven’t had a raise in YEARS, and my health insurance cost has tripled. Now it will increase 19% next year. will I get a raise? No, none of us will. When we did actually get merit raises (there have been NO cost of living raises in YEARS), they were for minuscle amounts, such as 1.5%. I have been furloughed monthly for well over a year. THis roughly translated into a 5% salary cut.

The worst is all the crap we hear from folks in the media and folks in the private sector. you have no clue how hard we work, how we work with little or no supplies, how we have to use our own money for supplies, how little we are reimbursed, if we are reimbursed at all. Etc.

The stress is monumental. everything is on a strict time frame, and we receive disciplinary action if we don’t meet stringent requirements. I am a public servant, and am proud of the hard work I do. But, I never got into this career for the money. No one does because it is paltry, at best.

If the State did not have the retirement benefits, it would not attract any good workers. please don’t begrudge me the retirement I have worked so hard for.

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