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Plastic breast recipes + strong woman massage

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Flat chest how can women in their chest expansion? Today, we recommend some effective Xiaobian for breast recipe breast, combined with breast massage, two-pronged approach, so that your chest upup. : Find Weight loss help here with our free weight loss tips!

trotters soup maternal Queru through the grass, people have used prescription effects through the grass to pass milk. in fact, fresh milk pass through grass effect, can also play in the promotion of breast growth, this soup side, added Zhigancao cook, aimed at strengthening the Bu Zhong Yi Qi, regulating the role of the spleen and stomach, so that the body more easily absorb the soup nutrition.

materials: through the grass a money, money Zhigancao second, a pair of trotters, fresh mushrooms, three, three pieces of ginger, salt, two tsp. Method: Wash and cut a half-trotters, mushroom stalks, cut in half aside. 2, add ginger in boiling water, quickly burns trotters, ready to use.

3 through grass quick rinse with water, drain, into the cotton bag. 4 to all of the above material and into the stew pot with Zhigancao of five Liuwan stew water to the fire boil, lower the fire to simmer for an hour until the hoof meat cooked, seasoning with salt, remove from heat. 5 will be picked up discarded through the grass, Yin Tang to eat pig.

Participation Society for the corn soup ribs Codonopsis, Astragalus has a solid element of the effectiveness of qi, and corn, small ribs with soup, and not just for the delicious sweet soup, but also promote the absorption in corn vitamin E, promoting hematopoietic function and blood circulation, maintain normal hormone secretion, highlighting the natural development of female characteristics.

material: Codonopsis, Astragalus all three money, two yellow ear of corn, small ribs to half a pound, two-teaspoon of salt. Method: 1 Wash corn, cut segments. 2 ribs washed Shuitang to the floating droplets rolling boil for a short, ready to use. 3 corn, small ribs with Codonopsis, Astragalus put together in skillet, add five, Liu Wan water, stew, stew about forty minutes, ribs can be cooked down salt.

pig stomach soup flavors Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, Chinese yam, nourishing the spleen and stomach, raising interest vitality, promote blood circulation effect. Pig stomach can digest and absorb properly functioning, the organization access to the full and balanced nutrition for the development of women of all ages, and health care have a role, this soup especially nourishing myogenic side, breast large buttocks, beautiful skin, Bodybuilding body help.

material: Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, Chinese yam all three money, a pair of pig stomach, the second teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of wine. Method: 1? Pig stomach upside down to flour or salt repeatedly scrub clean, Zaifan back positive, boil for a short iron to the bitter, fishy. Picked up, the flat profile for the second, then cut chunks.

2 all the ingredients with water quickly washed clean, put together with the tripe stew pot, add water flooded over materials to the fire to boil first and then change a small fire to simmer for one hour, until pork belly full Shu Lan, salt, wine, seasoning. Note: The rice cooker can also be put into the pig stomach, three glasses of water outside the pot, cook until the switch jump, salt, wine, seasoning.

papaya soup beef valued the art of Guangdong mother knows, papaya pot pig tendon, pig soup, very helpful for the development of breasts, would like to borrow breast papaya effect, in fact, not only the old broad papaya soup, like the Road papaya beef, fried beef with papaya, fresh and delicious, papaya meat tenderizing enzymes also effect.

material: papaya one, two or three slices of beef, soy sauce, cooking wine, Qianfen amount, three tablespoons of salad oil. Practice: 1? Beef slices with soy sauce, cooking wine marinade for half an hour, add a little bit mixed Qianfen grasp. 2 to sub-cut papaya.

3 from the pan, put down the beef slices stir-fried, to be a color instantly serve. Fry pan I use papaya 4, slightly soft to dish up shop in the dish, then spread on the papaya with beef.

papaya, sugar, sesame sesame effect of not only breast, and white pine black hair and nourish the brain to effect a small easy to chew as sesame seeds, sesame whole is not easy to digest, can not fully absorb nutrition, food crushed before the best sesame.

the Road papaya sesame candy, with two breast ingredients – sesame seeds add papaya to do, breast enhancement effect is synergistic. Ingredients: black sesame half a catty, maltose Jasonseven, papaya one. Method: 1 fried rice noodles with black sesame seeds over low heat to mature. Face with a stick to fried sesame seeds crushed.

2 of maltose after the heat and cook, stir sesame seeds and let cool Serve sesame sugar. 3 papaya, peeled, seeded, cut into chunks served in a bowl, sugar and sesame seeds on the papaya.

peanut pig knuckle soup is rich in pectin, breast skin is very good ingredients. Peanuts prolactin effect, the Road peanut pig soup, stewed to the mother can the daughter of developing Breast, postpartum mothers, you can also use it to send milk. To the attention of stew, peanut skin is better, no skin is the taste winner.

material: arachidonic two feet two, onions, ginger, cooking wine a little.

practices: 1 pig’s feet in boiling water hot again go rank first. 2 feet into the stew pot with peanut, add Siwan water, put onion, ginger, cooking wine before the fire to boil, simmer for three hours of small sub. 3 soft boiled peanuts, pig Dunlan, you can add salt to taste.


material: black beans, peanuts, red dates of the half a catty, rock sugar according to personal preference, the water amount. Method: 1. Black beans and peanuts washed with brine bag for a night, then wash away the salt water. 2. Materials overshadowed all the material into the cooking pot, add water stew. 3. Cool morning and evening after eating a bowl into the refrigerator.

※ Note 1. Must be on ice, 2. Sooner or later have to drink.

these are good yo, through milk, milk fat, promote breast development. There are always a few that apply now! Massage is used to massage the chest, breasts ways to increase the breast, convenient and effective.

specific methods: 1. Direct Push breast: first with the right palm faces in the upper left breast, which focus on the bottom of the clavicle, even gently push straight down to the roots of the breast, then push back up along the original route , making 20 to 50 times, for the left hand massage right breast 20 to 50 times.

2. Pushover breast: The roots and the palm of his left hand from the chest is the central focus, lateral push by the right breast up to the armpit, back when the plane with five pointing to the breast tissue with back, repeated 20 to 50 times, the left hand massage breasts for 20 to 50 times.

3. Fomentation massage the breast: every night before going to sleep on both sides of the breast with a hot towel 3 to 5 minutes, massage the breast with the palm of your hand around from left to right, massage 20 to 50 times. Simply massage a day by the above method 1, adhere to massage 2 to 3 months, the breast can swell 2 to 3 cm.

4. Physical Exercise: Exercise is Breast recipe. Participate in physical exercise, with particular attention to training the chest muscles, the pectoralis major developed to promote breast fullness. Usual attention to standing and walking posture, and keep chest abdomen to facilitate breast development, to participate in fitness swimming particularly helpful in both breasts.

(internship Editor: he Lili)

Plastic breast recipes + strong woman massage

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