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Piercing bump, what kind of bump is it (pics included)?

 Piercing bump, what kind of bump is it (pics included)?

it looks kinda like a pimple or boil.. with white pus inside.. and it hurts if i press on it. i've had it before and it had gone away after using tea tree oil on it for a while.. had tried sea salt soaks and asprin before.. asprin had effect too but not as much as tea tree oil.
About a month after it went, it came back.. i actually managed to shrink it back down quick but now its back again.. im starting to worry.. hoping its not an actual keloid.. and maybe one of the other kinds of piercing bumps >.<……

Epidermoid cysts commonly result from implantation of epidermis into the dermis, as in trauma or surgery. They can also be caused by a blocked pore adjacent to a body piercing. They can be infected by bacteria and form a pimple-like shape.

If it goes away or gets smaller it's not a keloid. I think it's just a type of scaring. Just do what you did the last time, if it keeps coming back go back to your piercer and ask them what you should do.

just see a doc if not be high on squeezing the area with a warm saline

My friend had something similar and she started soaking a face cloth in either a salt/water or a store bought peircing cleaning solution and microwavint till it was hot but not burning her skin the held it over the peircing till the towel was amost cool.. now in only a couple of days its almost gonne

You don't really have anything to worry about. I used to havee my conch pierced and it kept on getting infected so i went to the doctor. He said that it is hard to keep away an infection because that area of your ear is very vulnerable to infection. I continued to use aftercare piercing solution until my ear was fully healed.

It's a small infection. I would suggest going to a piercing shop for some advice.

Piercing bump, what kind of bump is it (pics included)?

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