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Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

1302986711 64 Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

1302986712 21 Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

Suffering from hemorrhoids, it is estimated, will likely affect 50% of all adults at some time in their lives. so, I can definitively state that you are not alone in your struggles with hemorrhoids.

Even though the number of sufferers is staggering, most people are still embarrassed or ashamed to bring the issue to their physician. This is just not a topic that people are comfortable discussing openly, even with their doctors. because of this, the majority of hemorrhoid sufferers continue to purchase over the counter medications, treatments, and lotions that merely mask the real problem and enables you to cope with the symptoms you have that include burning, itching, bleeding and in some cases, intense pain when walking or sitting.

The over the counter market is very profitable, as you can imagine with almost half of the adult population in this country being affected by hemorrhoids. But some hemorrhoid treatments can actually be harmful to you and your skin if used incorrectly.

Hydrocortisone is probably the most common ingredient in over the counter medications for hemorrhoid treatment. It is used in numerous products primarily to relieve itchiness, dry skin, help heal small wounds, improve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and, of course, in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Simply, hydrocortisone reduces minor inflammation, pain and swelling in the soft tissue of the body. It in fact mimics the swelling reducing hormone created naturally by the body and is very effective in this role. For that, hydrocortisone is considered an effective treatment for the swelling, burning and itchiness caused by swollen hemorrhoids.

On the surface, hydrocortisone seems like it should be an effective treatment for hemorrhoid symptoms and, by in large, it can be if not used in excess. however, a side affect of hydrocortisone that is not commonly known is that excessive use leads to thinning of the skin.

This does not generally create an issue when applied to areas like the arms or legs, where skin is thicker and not overly sensitive. But, in a place of significant sensitivity and thin tissue, such as the anus, the excessive use of hydrocortisone is often damaging. This is especially true in cases of constipation where hard stools get forced alongside thin tissue. The thinned tissue is then more prone to tearing, bleeding and rupture which may lead to fissures and other more severe problems on top of the hemorrhoids. Thinned tissue does not heal rapidly. Skin which does not mend correctly or quickly is at risk of infection, that in extreme cases can lead to septicemia.

Should you be using lotions that contain hydrocortisone, use them in moderation and infrequently. Talk to your physician if the issue does not improve and, consider using natural methods of treatment that truly cures hemorrhoids instead of masking the symptoms with over the counter medicine. now, it is possible to cure hemorrhoids with modern medicine and always consult your doctor prior to trying a new regimen. But permanent relief is rarely found in the drug store and many times an inexpensive, permanent cure is just a few clicks of the mouse from the comfort of your own computer.

Stop living with the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Most over the counter medicines merely mask the problem. do your homework. you can discover proven hemorrhoid cures online. start your journey to discovering a permanent cure today.

1302986711 64 Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

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