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‘Over-signing’ just one issue to be addressed at SEC Meetings

1307077491 91 ‘Over signing’ just one issue to be addressed at SEC Meetings

Lets go ahead and get it out there early. This year Bama signed 22 or 23 players. Richt signed 26 players. what was that about oversigning dawg fans?

Auburn fans complaining about Bama oversigning? Ya gotta be kidding? AU has signed way more players than Alabama over the last 5 years. It aint even close. Just look it up on rivals and scout.

Also after this year’s signing class Alabama is actually 7th overall in the league in terms of oversigning during Saban’s tenure. those pesky little facts. In Saban’s 5 classes he has averaged 27 per class- only 2 over the limit on average- 3 classes he oversigned- 2 he was at or under the limit. This isn’t like Houston Nutt who signed 37 a few years back.

Cutting players? really. The only players ever run off of our team have been disciplinary problem children. Saban doesn’t tolerate 12 players a year getting arrested. that crap doesn’t fly at Alabama. Otherwise you can’t find a single player who was “cut” just to make room for another player.

Cutting players by putting them on medical scholarship? really? Next thing you’re gonna say is that Tyrone Prothro really is ok to play. Or that Ivan Matchett really didn’t shatter his knee. what kind of a moron on here thinks he knows better than the team doctors at a school. Is everybody on here an orthopedic surgeon?

Greyshirting? funny but Mike Shula greyshirted far more players than Saban did? I wonder why nobody complained when Shula did? oh, that’s right. Cause he was a loser but Saban isn’t. Speaking of greyshirting Bama only average maybe 1 player a year greyshirting. Also at Alabama that handful of players that have actually greyshirted were made fully aware of the possibility of this early in the recruiting process. there was no surprise to the few players that have greyshirted at Bama.

At LSU and S. Carolina the head coaches handled it poorly and did not make the players aware of this possibility in the recruiting process. Lesson learned for Spurrier and Miles but for Saban its never been an issue since players were made fully aware of this as a possibility.

Another pesky fact regarding oversigning? When Saban signed his largest class ever -32 in 08, we actually came in 1 scholarship under the limit when the class reported in the fall that year. 2 signees chose pro baseball, 4 did not qualify, and 2 had major high school injuries that delayed enrollment while recuperating, etc.

Is oversigning really bad? Nope. The flip side to that issue is that its immoral to have badly needed scholarships sitting around going to waste. Schollies that go mostly to disadvantaged young black men. AU has been the 2nd worst oversigner the last few years and guess what? They’re still under scholarshipped. They have 53 players on roster right now- 25 coming in the fall puts them 7 under the total of 85. That’s 7 open slots and 7 young men that won’t get to go to college. Auburn has simply had some bad attrition and had one year in particular- Tubbs last class- where 40% of their signing class ended up not enrolling. AU is still trying to catch up to the lost attrition and had oversigning limits been in place the last couple of years AU would probably be fielding teams 10-15 players under the limit like the did 2 years ago. UT is another example of this as 2 years ago UT played with only 68 scholarship players due to an unusual amount of attrition.

Put away your faux moral righteousness. Oversigning helps programs fill scholarship numbers when unusual attrition periodically occurs. and if you don’t oversign then the end result is badly needed scholarships and opportunities going to waste like at UT and AU the last couple of years.

The real reason some of you whiners complain about oversigning is really about jealousy and nothing else. and if that were’nt true than you guys would be all up in arms about the nation’s leading oversigning program- Troy which has averaged 32 signees per year over the last 5 years. Curiously you are not upset about Troy- only Saban.

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