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Ok iam finally gettting the picture about the bible.?

1306055751 74 Ok iam finally gettting the picture about the bible.?

The bible is a bunch of books written by man but is the word of god. It is perfectly fine if you are christian and only believe in parts of the bible or none of it. Expecially if the scriptures goes against your lifestyle.. many christans say becuse the bible was written by man there may be incorrect interpretations. and also lost words and meanings, ( Boy oh boy) Where were you christians when i typed that same question about the possibilities of the bible losing its tru meaning as it was written by man lol
Ok now that it is fine not to believe in the bible or believe only what you like. why not tell the others who bellieve the bible is the word of god and is not incorrect, let them understand that they are just chasing ghosts. Especially the gay christians they should convey that the bible is incorrect if it has anything to do with them not going to heaven so it boils down to this What we need to do to get to heaven is just believe there is a god. doesn't matter what the bible says about him as we have found out the bible is not true, Iam wondering if and when christians will say ("it doesn't really matter if you believe in god or not, only if you are sorry for the things you have done in your life which may be sins") But by then i am sue these christians will have their new idea what sins are. I used to respect the christians but wow now they seem just like politicians well atleast i want to thank you for clearing up the bible things as like i said i thought you christians fully believed in the bible. thanks to you folks iam learning more and more about religion

Bible is nice, but more importantly spiritualism is far more important. To have a relationship with God, you just have to trust him, his word, and talk to him often.

the bible was also composed about 60-80 years after the events took place so it is not easy to be specific and accurate on events that took place that long ago

You may be learning more and more about "religion," but I don't think you have it yet on God! you have only scratched the surface when it comes to knowing Christians. If you are that weak that you would allow the few so called "Christians" here dictate what the Bible means and how much is incorrect, you're got more problems than just your spelling and your grammar!
No, it is not fine to believe only parts of the Bible, it is important that you research the Bible to find the true meanings of what you may have little understanding about. But don't think for a moment that God isn't responsible for what he allows in his book!

Ok iam finally gettting the picture about the bible.?

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