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Navy NCIS – Episode Recap 7.05: "Code of Conduct"

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Teens playing Hallowe’en pranks find a dead marine in his car which, prima facie, appears to be suicide.   Tony (Michael Weatherly) is on the phOne to One of his Baltimore PD friends about a competition: Larceny Lotto.   a Hallowe’en tradition where they attempt to guess the number of disturbance calls on Mischief Night.   Tony explains for Ziva (Cote De Pablo) that this is the night before Hallowe’en;  and then guess the number of calls on Hallowe’en itself.   McGee (Sean Murray) reminds Tony that he hates Hallowe’en.   in the season 4 Hallowe’en episode Witch Hunt, Tony recalls he dressed up as an astronaut when he was little.   he also got lots of candy and his father made him throw it away.   Tony said he haTed Hallowe’en and Klingons.   Well he’s changed his mind.   McGee recalls Devil’s Night when he was little on base.   Gibbs (Mark Harmon) calls Ziva "Agent David".

The DB marine, James Korby had a wife and step-daughter and Ziva thinks he committed suicide.   Ducky (David McCallum) reminds her looks can be deceiving.   if he was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning, then his skin would be cherry red.   The body has been staged.   Tony refers to Ziva as Probie now, well McGee got past that title, but he didn’t get past Tony’s mischief making and teasing.   Ted Rogers (Perry Anzilotti) the neighbour across the street has a video tape.   Tony immediately hones on to his jumper.   yes close your eyes and imagine Tony in one of those a few years from now, ha.

Ducky comments heat from the fumes would raise the victim’s body temperature, but he’s frigid.   Tony analyzes Korby’s joke lab and potential CS.   he notices signs of a struggle as pranksters don’t break their own jokes.   Ducky hears creaking inside the Vic, he shouldn’t be so brittle and Ducky pulls out part of his throat, frozen.   The COD is possibly liquid nitrogen or dry ice.   McGee suggest to Tony they should focus on crimes in their jurisdiction, so much for Tony’s Larceny Lotto.   Tony: "Thrill me, McGoblin." As soon as Tony sees the photo of his wife, Sara Korby (Stefanie von Pfetten) Tony exclaims he didn’t kill himself, since nobody married to someone that beautiful would off himself.   he predicts Sara did it, as in the past season 5 episode Leap of Faith; where he also predicted the blonde wife did it and he was right.   he also referred to her as the Black Widow.

McGee comments, sarcastically, that means they shouldn’t investigate the case and should arrest her right away.   Ziva finds she checked into a hotel and Tony can’t believe she would spend the night in a hotel, alone three days after her husband returned from the Middle East.   hence the wife did it.   Ziva: "You always say that."  Just then Sara walks in.   she says Hallowe’en was Korby’s favourite time of year and her step-daughter, Rachel (Brooke Nevin) was with friends.   both of them are her step-parents.  Sara was married to Rachel’s father who was killed five years ago.   Korby had words with Ted as he complained about everything.   Tony adds he picked up on that, well he would since he’s kind of like him.   That’d be Tony in ten years time then, ha!

Jimmy ( Brian Dietzen) makes a comment about the Vic, which Ducky doesn’t like.   Ducky: "not taking pleasure out of the nature of our victim’s death are you, Mr Palmer."  Jimmy thinks it’s sad and reminds him pf pranks he’s not too proud of.   (Like cavorting with Michelle Lee in autopsy! a few seasons ago.)  Ducky finds he must have ingested liquid nitrogen, which upon contact with warm organic material, boils.   Jimmy uses a pumpkin to prove the point, pouring in liquid nitrogen and freezing the pumpkin.   Korby had scar tissue on his throat before he was killed.   COD was breathing in nitrogen gas which entered his lungs, suffocating him.   one gulp would be enough to kill him.   Jimmy drops the pumpkin, which shatters.     Ducky claims he was force fed this, so he was killed.

McGee watches Ted’s video of the pranks and Ziva fails to see the humour or art in throwing toilet rolls.   Ziva: "does your gut ever give you a  stomach ache Tony?"  Gibbs brings them apple cider and wishes them a ‘Happy Hallowe’en’ before telling them the break is over.   Ziva and Tony pay another visit to Ted and Ziva tells him they’re not here for candy.   Tony: "Speak for yourself."  Cos he loves all foody things.  Ted filed police reports about Korby’s pranks since they cost him time and money.   Tony: "There’s a temper under that cardigan."  first Tony Called it a sweater, now it’s a cardigan.   he asks if he killed Korby.   he was working on his computer.   Tony doesn’t trust a guy who doesn’t give candy to kids, including Tony not getting any either.   in Witch Hunt Ziva commented that Hallowe’en must be a "Di Nozzo National Holiday."

Gibbs asks Abby (Pauley Perrette) why she’s not wearing a costume this year.   (As in the season 4 Hallowe’en episode Witch Hunt, she was dressed as Marilyn Monroe.)  she replies after the Jonas Bros fiasco , Vance (Rocky Carroll) has banned costumes.   "McGee in skinny jeans didn’t work."  That was before McGee went trimmer, so they would have worked this year.   McGee does wear jeans now.   a car was signed out of the marine pool and Gibbs says only a marine can sign it out.   Abby examined a sample from Korby’s stomach contents and found paint thinner, it was in his flesh from two months ago.   Tony asks McGee if No One came to his door on Hallowe’en.   Tony declares  he deserves a treat as Sara did it.   Sara has been married to marines, who are all dead.   "Three Times is a pattern."  She’s a "Black Ops widow."  McGee finds the car is sill missing.   Korby’s Squad Leader, Barnes ( McKinley Freeman) didn’t give him a good report.

Gibbs states, "What’s funny in Boot Camp, isn’t in battle."  he was ill a few days and No One had the biggest problem with Korby.   so Gibbs says he’ll have to investigate everyone.   he refers to Private David Singer (Brian Patrick Wade).  they had a fight.   Tony: "take a break, take a shower."  Hey that’s always one of Ziva’s comments about Tony!  That he smells.   he says they don’t like his pranks but none of them killed him and mentions Chris Norton.   

Tony: "Don’t brag McGee, it’s unbecoming."  unless Tony brags, then it’s OK.   The Unit has a history and wasn’t combat ready, their bad reports only began two months ago.   Ducky mentions the amount of things that can end up in lungs.   he discovers evidence of multiple contusions and abrasions, before Korby was poisoned the first time round.   Ducky had to reverse his autopsy process.   Gibbs says he was being taught a lesson, known as ‘Code Red‘.   I.e.  they tried to hurt him, without hurting him.

Tony conducts a mobile campfire: thinking on their feet.   he tells Probie to talk louder cos he can’t hear her, which she does.   Gibbs tells her she’s been a Probie for a week and she’s not in Mossad anymore.   Gibbs suggests a mobile campfire.   Abby finds that Korby had lunch in his lungs which wasn’t in his stomach.   Jimmy remarks the nitrogen carried the food to his lungs, there could have been food inside the container with the gas.   Gibbs kisses Abby and slaps Jimmy, it was good work.   Tony talks to Sara again and she’s attracted to men with dignity and honor.   Now she’s probably onto husband number 4, with Singer.   Who is there to pay his respects.

Tony stares at the ceiling and McGee asks him if the sky’s falling down.   Tony comments it may as well be since his killer instincts were ‘temporarily misguided’.   "What did my Probie sandwich find out."  but McGee’s no longer a Probie.   Ziva replies No One knew of the Code Red.   Barnes lied to them because his promotion was denied before Korby was poisoned.   Tony and Ziva pick up Barnes and Tony comments on the German’s beinG Lovely, "Care to Oompah."  Gibbs accuses Barnes of poisoning Korby.   "Man up marine!"  he did it for Korby since his pranks almost got them killed.   they knew of the Code Red and he put a few drops of paint thinner in his coffee, so he would be sent home.   The Men in The Unit found out and lost respect for Barnes as a leader.

Tony wants more apple cider, it was "de-cider-dly delicious."  Singer was at the spa.   Tony explains, guilty men object and innocent men explain themselves.   he falls into the third category of covering for his lover.   Ziva tells McGee if Tony’s right about Sara she’ll never live it down.   Sara’s credit card was used to buy duct tape and a hose, but it’s not her, so Tony’s wrong – at least once.   Sara was at the spa but she couldn’t cheat on Korby.   she borrowed Singer’s car.   Tony thinks that would work on a jury of her peers; "a jury of tall, leggy, blonde bombshells."  Gibbs takes a closer look at the image of Korby’s car on the video.   Tony tells Ziva not to Say Anything about Tony being wrong about Sara.   so she doesn’t.     but of course she should have rubbed it in his face, as he would have done!  The car was parked in the driveway.   The seat had been pushed forward so there wasn’t enough room for Korby’s legs to fit properly inside.

Rachel put the liquid nitrogen in the coca flask which was found in the trash with her prints.   she framed Sara to gain control of her trust fund, as well as Korby’s life insurance policy.   Rachel says her father was juvenile.   (Remind you of Tony, anyone?)  McGee’s keyboard foams up.   Tony loves Hallowe’en , it’s officially his favourite holiday and he won the Lotto.   Ziva gives Tony a drink and his teeth turn blue.     The joke was on him, for once.

Thought this was a little higgledy-piggledy in the storyline with the jokes coming thick and fast at times, and most of the comments had been done before, especially the Hallowe’en ones about Tony.   first he hated it, so something changed in three years to make him call it his favourite holiday now.   Winning the Lotto had nothing to do with it of course.   yes Sara was an obvious suspect and Tony would focus on her, being the spouse and that’s usually the first one suspected.   Sara being married Three Times, remind you of Gibbs, he was married four times, but Sara will find number 4.   True to form, Tony no longer mentioned Gibbs being married that many times again as he said he wouldn’t.

Brooke Nevin was in Charmed and in the season 1 Asylum episode of Supernatural.


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