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My dog has a bacterial and fungal infection?

 My dog has a bacterial and fungal infection?

And she’s been going to the vets from November, her back and neck are covered in scabs/boils she’s been operated on and was stitched but the wounds came up elsewhere they just seem to be getting worse, she’s constantly on antibiotics and has had painkillers the past week. the vet has said its not life threatening but I'm having to keep her on her bed constantly as she’s getting blood everywhere and I'm worried about hygiene and my child even though its not contagious. She’s an American bulldog and is nearly seven she’s happy in herself and I wouldn't think of putting her to sleep, should j get a second opinion, has anyone experienced this and found anything that helps.

I would go to a veterinary dermatologist, they are probably more familiar with possible causes and the latest treatments. to find one near you , try this website;

I agree with the first answer. find somebody who specialises in dermatology, since it sounds like the vet you are seeing isn't helping the problem. Vets don't know everything and the stuff they don't know they often just look up in a book. or you vould just get another opinion from a different vet, either way, take her somewhere else.

Get a second opinion. She may just need a change in her diet.
Or a thyroid pill. Harley had a fungal infection all over his body and the new Vet changed to an all vegetarian diet $36.00 a bag and put him on thyroid pills $22.00 a month. His skin problem is completely gone. twice the Vet bathed him by scrubbing the skin with a special shampoo also. He is like a brand new dog even though he is 12 years old. He has more energy and it is so good to see him feeling good. Also it is so good to be able to love him without thinking you are getting the fungi.

You might want to try some apple cider vinegar. It is a healing agent and works for a lot of things. you can also try some aleo vera gel. I would dilute the vinegar with water and pour it over the area (this will burn a little but she is in pain already and may not burn as bad as the the pain she already has), then apply the aleo vera gel lavishly several times a day.

You could call and ask an herbalist what they would recommend. Chinese medicine might be helpful, also.

My dog has a bacterial and fungal infection?

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