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Make the Grade – Fire Engineering

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Fire Engineering

This class was developed after years of hearing firefighters talk about which training sessions got them involved, motivated, and inspired. “as an instructor who frequently trains others to become fellow instructors, I wanted them to have some thoughts and ideas of what would keep their students (firefighters) coming back for more,” said Captain Brian Arnold, Oklahoma City (OK) fire Department. “this will be the second year for me to present it and most likely the last. I rarely run a class addressing training needs longer than two years in a row due to the ever changing needs of the fire service.”

During the class, Arnold took a brief look at the number of firefighter fatalities and injuries during the past decade and assigned the American fire service a grade, while encouraging the attendees to start thinking about assigning a grade to each of these issues within their own department. “I break firefighter safety and health down into three areas related to training: health and physical fitness, driving related accidents, and traumatic injuries on the fireground.” Attendees watched several videos related to different areas, all driving toward students looking at how they, as individuals, are doing within their profession as firefighters to make the grade. “I word it toward their departments, but it all boils down to the individuals in the department and whether or not they want to be A firefighters or F firefighters.” I encourage hands on training as well as lecture classes during the session and show the benefits of both for the different types of learners out there.

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– Fire Engineering

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