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1302818444 33 JEALOUSY RUINING MY LIFE!!! Help!?

All right, here's the story, I am a 17 year old girl, who has so far struggled with depression( right now I am on 40mg of Prozac a day & seeing a therapist & psychiatrist),self esteem so low it affects my day to day life, bullying,not having a father figure in my life & crazy fights with my mom….now I have a new problem: Obsessing over my looks in comparison with other girls. I'll spend all day on MySpace & Facebook looking through girl's pics and comparing them to myself. It's like no matter how good I look, I'm NEVER good enough. If I see a guy I like talking to a girl prettier than me, my blood literally boils! I know it's normal to get a little jealous sometimes, but mine is ruining my life. I've come too far to have this plague me now! I have such a huge inferiority complex. Guys want girls who wear perfectly done makeup, straightened out hair, high heels, short skirts…Basically video hoochies…I rock black eyeliner, red lipstick,natural wavy hair &, u can imagine I don't get very much attention from the gents lol…I know I need help but I don't know what to do!
Here's me btw: the left)

well, you're very articulate – perhaps you already know the answer to your question. jealousy can be one of the most destructive emotions: nobody likes to be in the company of someone who's uncontrollably jealous. but, yes, it's normal to be jealous sometimes – but it shouldn't control you; you should be able to control it. don't let it dominate your life. if you're seeing a therapist, then this is exactly the kind of thing to discuss with them. you have to learn to value and love yourself as you are. you could try feeling your feelings and pause, without reacting straightaway. as long as your emotions control you, you will be a victim to them because they ru(i)n your life. so don't react immediately; feel the neutral space around you and stay cool. by the way, I don't think all guys are as you describe: there must be more individual ones out there who share your taste. They're just not kind of mainstream, and they dislike the video hoochies as much as you. Good luck!

Firstly your a very pretty girl, and just because you dont look likle everybody else doesnt mean ur not as good as them.

Everyone gets jealous…..

The pictures your looking at…….are they what youd like to look like? If so why not try different hairstyles……practise make up etc?

But only if it will make you happy.

And as for gents not liking…there will be someone out there who will absolutely love you just the way you are………it just takes time for them to find you!

Well you definitely look like you need to lose about 20 pounds, maybe more I can't really tell. but if you do that you're face is very pretty and you should be fine. Just get to the gym and start eating healthy. Eventually every guy will hit on you and you won't be depressed anymore.

you just need to learn to love yourself sweets thats all there is ocs all your problems stem from the fact that you just wont accept you as you are

maybe valuing youre self a bit more would help. theres no reason why you shouldnt feel valued- you good and seem warm and sensitive. it would be a idea to put the brakes on in life for a moment in case you start doing things to try and get acceptance. at your age there is alot of change goin on and self awareness and its important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that it maybe scary the company you keep can go a long way to putting then keeping this on the right track.
hope things work out. you not on youre own

Baby you dont have anything to worry about. from the pic you look beautiful. why try and compare yourself to other people. Just do you babygirl and things will be fine. There will always be someone else smarter,cutier,taller,skinner,bigger, than all of us. Be yourself and be down for you. Not all guys like woman the way you describe. most of all guys like girls that are themselves.

i cant leave the house without eyeliner and have messy bright red curly hair. but i still get lots of attention off guys. its all about confidence and i think yours is shattered. i suffer from jealousy but if you are with the right guy you wont suffer from that so much as you know he will only have eyes for you.

iv looked at your pic and theres nothing wrong with how you look. but you need to get yourself sorted out before you even consider dating.

no one will love you if you dont love yourself.

Hey! I just saw your boyfriend chatting with this REALLY hot chick online. Wow! She was HOT.
You don't have anything to worry about though.

Maybe you should talk to your psychiatrist about your strong feelings about this so he/she can check your medication. On the other hand, being 17 is not easy. Low self esteem can hit you no mater if you are on medication or not. what you fear, you create. If all you do is think about how ugly you are or how much guys look at other girls then that is what will always happen. think of them coming towards you instead of them. no guy wants to hang out with an insecure girl that is jealous of everyone else. I think you are pretty and you need to cut back on the make up. you are not Amy Whinehouse.

shut up


u doing

ur very hot

so just shut it lol

If MySpace and Facebook are creating a problem for you then don't go there. and continue with your therapist & psychiatrist. Jealousy is not ruining your life unless you let it. you have control of you mind, body & soul. you have many choices in life and letting your mind control you should not be one. your taking 40mg of Prozac so that part of you is in control. now you have to take control of the rest that bothers you the most. Find out about whom you really are and stop comparing yourself with others because you'll never stand a chance if you continue to do this. Good luck.


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