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Is this skin boil normal?

1312333506 86 Is this skin boil normal?

Hey. I had what I thought was a boil on the top of my left breast. I had never had one before so I could be mistaken. At first I thought it was a pimple, but it was more tender and it didn't seem to have anything to "pop". Yesterday I bought some tea tree oil and I applied it to the area…. then the skin around the pump started to peel away. Eventually the rough skin at the top of the sore opened and I was able to see that there was a hole underneath. is this normal? I've been putting polysporin on it for a day now and been covering it with a bandaid. any suggestions?

see a doctor/dermatologist soon, the "hole" doens't sound good , How deep is the hole?

You have just Described MRSA Staff Infection;
It is Epedmic,Suggest see Doctor for a Ten Day treatment with Sulfa; This type of Staff is Resistant
to regular Anti-Biotics; This is not just a Rest Home- Hospital Problem anymore;

Definitely get a doctor to check it out, because it does sound like MRSA or some type of Staphylococcus bacteria. the Tea Tree Oil sounds like it is working for you. however since there is a hole there, until you can get to a doctor, please try using Iodine to clean that area and also regularly use some cotton dressings or balls to cover it.

To help boost your immunity nutritionally, try cutting down on your SUGAR intake (including artificial sugars -including soda pop, candy, sweet baked goods, fast foods) Try eating more veggies/fruits. I also suggest drinking Burdock/Goldenseal/Echinacea Teas, & eat 1 clove Raw Garlic daily after dinner. Try Turmeric spice, which is found in Asian, Indian or Middle eastern grocery stores has been found to help-Mix 1 tsp with half cup of PLAIN yogurt or drink with tea. See & also for more vital information.

i dont think you have a boil- boils seem like pimples at first, with something to pop, but are extremely painful when you attempt to. they are painful to the ouch and usually last 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size. also, when a boil is opened or 'popped' you can see a large amount of pus that is usually clumped together- this must be taken out and cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent a new boil popping out on a different area of your body. to get it cleaned thoroughly, go to a dermatologist and they will have special suction equipment that will do the job.=)

Do go to your doctors and get checked over just for safetys sake.

Is this skin boil normal?

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